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Metatarsalgia recovery?
By kinsidhe Comments: 248, member since Fri May 14, 2010
On Mon Jul 17, 2017 07:59 AM


I was wondering if anyone had dealt with and/or had any success healing/curing or otherwise recovering from metatarsalgia?

I've seen an orthopaedic Dr. because initially I was worried I had a stress fracture in my foot. Fortunately I do not and there is no indication of any damage to tissue or any inflammation that can be observed. I just have localised pain in the ball of my left foot just at the base of the big toe joint and the metatarsal. The Dr. said it was metatarsalagia.

So I am following the RICE protocol and have gotten gel pads for my shoes and this has all helped. However, it keeps resurfacing and I am wondering if there is any chance I will be shot of this or will it just be something I'll have to live with?