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Concerns About Turnout
By queensveta Comments: 2, member since Thu Jan 14, 2016
On Fri Jul 21, 2017 05:21 PM

I am 14 and I am an intermediate level dancer. I have been dancing en pointe for quite some time. I have always been committed to ballet because I truly want with all of my heart to turn this art form into a professional career. Unfortunately, as I have become older and more attentive to physical flaws, I have found myself really discouraged by the fact that I do not possess flat turnout. To give you a gauge, my hips are about 2 inches above the floor in my middle split. Due to this limited range of motion in my hips i have somewhat flawed lines in the a la seconde position and low extensions (I have been struggling to get my leg above 90 to the side for years now).

Is it unrealistic to continue to grind forward hoping to be a dancer? Would any company ever hire someone without full turnout? Does anybody know of a professional without 180 degrees of rotation? Lastly, is it possible for people with limited turnout to develop high extensions?

I appreciate any answers you can give me. I am able to improve my arches, my flexibility, my expression, and my artistry, but I am stuck with the turnout that I have been endowed. since I am practically killing myself (of course while coming to life as an artist) especially in this summer intensive season I just don't want to be in the dark when it comes to future opportunities.