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re: DDN is now responsive / mobile-friendly
By Bril Comments: 166, member since Thu Mar 07, 2013
On Thu Aug 17, 2017 04:40 PM
I don't usually post on these cause the formatting doesn't much matter to me... Just wanted to say I appreciate all the effort that's going into this! And even if I don't post much I read like... Everything. I get bored at work lol
re: DDN is now responsive / mobile-friendly
By SarahdncrPremium member Comments: 640, member since Wed Jul 29, 2009
On Mon Aug 21, 2017 03:10 PM
Edited by Sarahdncr (214611) on 2017-08-21 15:17:04
Well,well, well--I was wondering what had happened and why I could not log in to DDN at all for the last 2 weeks or so. I am only on here once a week at best, so I did not know/"hear" these changes were coming. But it seems like the old regular entry screen has at least come back for the time being and I was able to now log into my account just now like I always have.


1.) Are things/changes/"enhancements" now pretty a done deal and things are much back to normal?

2.) I do not use a mobile device to be on DDN, I just go to DDN's main homepage which I have bookmarked on My Favorities on my laptop computer.

3.) What is in-store for us folks who do not do the mobile lifestyle thing now going forward??

I really missed not being able to get on DDN these last few weeks.
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