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Numbers recital theme
On Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:56 AM

Need ideas for a number theme... especially hip hop songs!
Thanks :)

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By californiadancermember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Aug 13, 2017 03:48 PM
I did this theme previously! For hip hop we did "Channel _____" and then used popular songs that were currently on the radio. This was in 2009 so it was "Channel 200.9". We also did one for little kids to a mix that included "It Takes Two" and called the piece that.

Songs we used back then:
I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover - Toddler age ballet/tap
Three Little Birds - I used the Elizabeth Mitchell cover version and did a tap for little ones
The Four Seasons - Ballet piece
42nd Street - Tap (used "We're In the Money")
Pennsylvania 6-5000 - Tap
Girly Goody Two Shoes - 5-6 Ballet
Seven Nation Army - We used a cover version for a jazz piece
Two Hearts (Stevie Wonder) - Tap
1999 - Jazz
9 to 5 - Tap
Page 47 (from the National Treasure soundtrack) - Ballet
Zero to Hero - Father Daughter
Route 66 - Tap
The Three Good Fairies (From Sleeping Beauty) - Ballet
Welcome to the 60s (mix of songs from hairspray) - Musical Theater
Little Deuce Coupe - Toddler age Tap
I 2 I - Jazz
One Moment More - Lyrical
1,2,3 (Gloria Estefan) - Jazz
The Second Star to the Right - 5-6 Ballet
72 Degrees and Sunny (WALL-E Soundtrack) - Ballet
XR2 - Jazz
One Moment in Time - Ballet/Lyrical
10 Cent Wings - Lyrical
Itty Bitty Pretty One - 5-6 Tap
One Step at A Time - Jazz

Songs in my music just scanning through I would use now:
24K Magic (I probably would use this for little kids hip hop and do the kids bop version)
A Thousand Years (Christina Perri) - Lyrical
One More Time (Daft Punk) - Tap or Jazz
AAA (Triple A) (Dimie Cat) - Jazz
One Time (Justin Bieber) - Little kids hip hop and mix it with other newer songs
Two Feet off the Ground (Sara Hartman) - Jazz or contemporary
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (Sleeping At Last cover) - Lyrical or contemporary
21st Century Girl (Willow Smith) - Hip Hop or Jazz

I would also just search "songs relating to numbers", iTunes search each number "one", "two", and so on and see what comes up etc
re: Numbers recital theme
By DancePrincess225
On Tue Aug 15, 2017 07:59 AM
Edited by DancePrincess225 (286623) on 2017-08-15 08:00:00
californiadancer had a really good list i would strongly suggest using plenty of her songs. Here are some more.

ABC (123) - tap or jazz
7 years - contemporary
One Dance - hip hop
It takes two - hip hop for girls maybe aged 7-9
867-5309 / Jenny - Jazz
I speak six languages - musical theater maybe a solo

Goodbye and good luck
re: Numbers recital theme
By Sappersis
On Fri Aug 18, 2017 06:05 AM
Look at sesame street songs by the count... I can't remember the name but I think he had a hip hop one a few years back that would be great for a younger class.


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