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flex frame - For dancers and gymnasts
By leighkoronas Comments: 1, member since Fri Aug 18, 2017
On Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:38 PM

I created the Flex Frame to help my daugher with flexibility and stretching. She started last year out with little to no flexibility, and within a few weeks of using the Flex Frame, she was able to do a full split. Upon request from a few parents, I am now selling the Frame's to other dancers and gymnasts who are looking to work on their flexibility. The Frame can also be used as a ballet barre, and can be made in a mini size to bring along to compeitions. The Flex Frame can be made in any colour, and can include a name on both sides. These are being sold for $60 as an introductory price until August 31, 2017! Comment below or PM me for more information!