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Dancing: Learning and putting it all together with artistry (getting out of your head)
By dancingbell2017 Comments: 12, member since Tue Apr 25, 2017
On Sat Aug 26, 2017 01:53 PM
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At the end of last school year, I auditioned for my school dance company and unfortunately did not make it. I met with my school dance teacher afterward to go over and talk about the audition. She put into words something I knew I have been struggling with for my whole time as a dancer, and I think that it is a super common problem with a lot of dancers. She told me I need to work on putting all of the steps together and not forgetting the rest of my body.

So, community, I come to you today to begin a thread that I hope can help a lot of other dancers. How can I learn to put together everything I learned, do it correctly, while actually DANCING the movement fully, with my whole body, and with artistry. Essentially, do you have any advice on how to get out of your head and into the movement while doing the correct choreography.

Now, I understand that the above is basically what every dancer is trying to master and what really gets you to the professional level and takes years. But, I think I really need some help remembering all of the steps and getting out of my head at the same time.

Edit: (I think part of this comes from doing strict ballet from day one lol)