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Play area in lobby with toys?
By beachlover2Premium member Comments: 791, member since Thu Feb 06, 2003
On Mon Aug 28, 2017 08:25 AM

Do you recommend a play area with toys in the lobby?
What are the positive and negative things about a play area?
Thank you for your suggestions and help.

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re: Play area in lobby with toys?
By jms9t2 Comments: 43, member since Fri Mar 10, 2017
On Mon Aug 28, 2017 09:35 PM
I have a small room with books, coloring books, a couple games, and puzzles. It's good for keeping kids occupied while they are waiting for their parents or for class to start. Negatives are that toys are often left all over the place when they rush out when their parents arrive. Some parents will tell their kids to clean up but oftentimes I'm left picking up at the end of the night. There are also a couple small desks in the room which the older kids use for homework which is good.
re: Play area in lobby with toys?
By hummingbird Comments: 10441, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Tue Aug 29, 2017 07:53 AM
We find the same problems with our play area, also it can get noisy which is a problem if you have a receptionist trying to work there too. We try to keep it to quiet activities like books or colouring.

Also be prepared to take the toys away if they're not being looked after. Last year we a few little !*&% scribbling on the furniture and grinding the crayons into the floor,whlist their parents were watching of course, that was when the crayons were removed. When the kids asked where they were we told them that some people were being very naughty with them and we can't leave them out if that's how people are going to use them. We were pleasantly surprised at how the kids, whilst they were disappointed, understood why it had been done and didn't complain.
re: Play area in lobby with toys?
By ChristinePremium member Comments: 6865, member since Wed Feb 04, 2009
On Tue Aug 29, 2017 08:29 PM
I have a really small space but I do have toys. Just a few baskets, but enough to do the job.

I also have a small kids table with a basket of coloring sheets and crayons. We also have a selection of books.

The best thing I ever did was paint a portion of one wall with Blackboard Paint. I have gone through several buckets of chalk, but it is a real favorite with the kids, and keeps them from trashing the place with toys.

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