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Getting tired of ballet??
By fairydancer1016 Comments: 4, member since Thu Oct 01, 2015
On Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:14 AM

Hey everyone! So I'm 31 and have been dancing since I was 15. I absolutely fell in complete love with it. I cried if I had to miss a class due to sickness, I watched every ballet YouTube video, I studied their movements, I was devoted to being the perfect dancer in every aspect of my life. But as of a couple years ago, I began to notice my desire to stay in ballet class fading. What is wrong with me?!?! Ballet is my life!! I still take advanced contemporary and I teach contemporary for middle schoolers, which I LOVE doing, but I miss ballet. Not quite enough to go back to ballet class, though. Plus I don't have time on ballet night to get there with my work schedule. One thing I DO know that contributed to this feeling is I got frustrated with my body because im not very flexible and I know my bone structure won't allow me bend certain ways, so I kind of gave up on that. But I just don't know what happened to my complete love of ballet. Anyone else expierence this? I would love to hear from you all of you've been through this. Thank you for reading!