Sannich Fair, BC
By Nessie
On 09/02/2017 20:03:34
Could someone please post premier results? Thank you!!
re: Saanich Fair, BC
By LingScot
On 09/04/2017 00:26:28
I'm afraid I don't have the two youngest groups; they originally had just a 16&under group, but it was split into two at the last minute, and I didn't catch all the numbers. I know Annalise Lam won the youngest category, and Miranda Lam & Taryn Neligan tied in the slightly older category. In the 16-21 category: (10 dancers) Lilt: 1 - Nicola Theim 2 - Rachel Bramley 3 - Darryl Uhlmann 4 - Anna Solazzo 5 - #216 (maybe Alex Huang? I know he was dancing and not in the programme...) Earl: Darryl Anna Rachel Nicola Sarah Bryan Blue Bonnets: Rachel Nicola Anna Darryl Sarah Village Maid: Rachel Anna Nicola Darryl Cara Paley 22&over: (8 dancers) Lilt: Jillian Peacock Samantha Beach Ty Koshman Genevieve Lisik Earl: Jill Samantha Genevieve Emma Johnston Blue Bonnets: Jill Samantha Genevieve Ty Village Maid: Jill Samantha Genevieve Kathleen Hall Annalise Lam & Jill Peacock tied for the Adeline Duncan Premier Dancer of the Day. The judge was Briar Beers.
re: Sannich Fair, BC
By keltsmama
On 09/07/2017 01:13:27
I have the Premier Under 13 results: Fling 1.Annalise Lam 2. Abigail McCorquodale 3.Mia Bekker 4. Keltie Willis Sean Trubhius: 1. Annalise 2. Abigail 3 Mia 4. Keltie Laddie: 1. Annalise 2. Abigail 3. Molly Street 4. Michael Bryan Hornpipe 1. Annalise 2 Abigail 3. Mia 4. Molly
re: Saanich Fair, BC
By LingScot
On 09/07/2017 23:09:06
Complete results for the competition are now online:

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