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Stage Lighting Suggestions for Recital Please
By groovzdance Comments: 12, member since Mon Jul 19, 2010
On Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:31 PM

we have been using a local high school performing arts center in our town for years now for our recital. they only have a run-down looking scrim (ivory colored) in the back. i want to have recitals with bright, vivid colors lighting the scrim behind the dancers. they do not have anything led (which is how i hear you provide that type of lighting). i dont know much about stage tech and lighting, but im willing to make a small investment in order to provide the type of lighting that will make our shows look better on stage. (we did project images onto the scrim for our last recital, which looked great as long as the stage lights were down in between numbers, but as soon as the stage lights came back up, the projected images/colors were washed out. looking for suggestions on what to purchase to provide the bright backgrounds i'm looking for and wont be washed out when the regular stage lights come up... thanks!