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RAD Syllabus classes in/near Cambs / Suffolk / Central London
By bpb Comments: 3, member since Sat Nov 08, 2014
On Mon Sep 11, 2017 02:41 PM


Might anyone happen to know of any RAD syllabus classes (intermediate foundation I think) for adults in either Cambridge / Ipswich / Central London or somewhere between? (I get around with work a bit...).

I know about the RAD ones and am on their waiting list, but I gather that some people have been on the waiting list for a while already!

Specifically looking for syllabus classes as I tried an Intermediate one in Cambridge and realised how good it could have been for me if... it hadn't been too difficult!

I'm in my 30s and male, so it does need to be for adults, the "well most people in the class aren't that young" thing would still be a bit odd :)