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Unusual dances for Premier. Allowed?
By rosalinde Comments: 1981, member since Fri Jun 19, 2009
On Tue Oct 10, 2017 01:39 AM

I'm putting together a draft entry form and I'm trying to think up yet another idea to make the comp more fun and unusual.
So: would it be allowed to offer dances like Over the Water to Charlie, or Bonnie Dundee, or Scotch Measure etc, dances like those for the Premiers?

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re: Unusual dances for Premier. Allowed?
By Claramel Comments: 39, member since Tue Oct 13, 2015
On Tue Oct 10, 2017 04:11 PM
We often get scotch measure in Australia. Sometimes a special choreography JL Mackenzie. The steps are not always danced the same...some teachers put their own variations in. Also not everyone knows those dances. I know JL, flowers of Edinburgh, linkumodie, king of Sweden, dancers delight but not Bonnie Dundee or over the water to Charlie.

Is there some way you could find out which dances people know? That way you can offer something that will get a few entries.
re: Unusual dances for Premier. Allowed?
By Panda_Bear Comments: 414, member since Tue Feb 02, 2010
On Sun Oct 15, 2017 04:07 PM
I have see Scotch Measure once or twice in BC, Canada and Washington State. I would do something like that or try doing JL Mackenzie or a chorography event. I had never heard of any of the other dances you listed. Cake Walk and T'wasome is sometimes see as a fun "extra" event here as well.
re: Unusual dances for Premier. Allowed?
By highland_dancer5 Comments: 219, member since Mon Mar 10, 2014
On Mon Oct 23, 2017 07:03 PM
Although the scotch measure isn't popular (haha I wonder why ;) )but most people know here in Ontario know it. Is it a rare or unusual dance in other areas?
re: Unusual dances for Premier. Allowed?
By LingScot Comments: 1040, member since Sat Apr 09, 2005
On Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:18 PM
I don't have the most up-to-date version of the official SOBHD constitution & rules, but in the 2006 version, under premier competitions, the following is specified:

"At non-championship events a competitor is restricted to a maximum of eight solo dances on any one day. Dances to be chosen from Highland [fling, sword, ST, reels] / Hornpipe / Irish Jig group and the following lesser known dances: Flora MacDonald's Fancy, Scottish Lilt, Wilt thou go to the Barracks Johnnie, Highland Laddie, Blue Bonnets, Village Maid, Earl of Errol, Scotch Measure....A further category of non-solo dances includes Broadswords, Highland Reel teams and the Cake-walk only. These dances are in addition the 8 solo dances allowed."

I think all of the above are relatively "well-known" by comparison to some of the ones you mention, and the reason for that is that they appear in the methods of all three teaching associations (BATD, SDTA, UKA). Bonnie Dundee, JL Mackenzie, Dusty Miller, etc., appear in only one association's methods (or none of them and are just other traditional dances).

I imagine it might be ok to have some kind of special choreography event that takes one of those other dances as a starting point, but I don't think you can have them as a regular dance. That said, you should probably check the competition organizer's handbook / directly with the SOBHD (assuming you're talking about an SOBHD-sanctioned competition).