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Architecture (dance school) - Need your input!
By elmalman
On Tue Oct 24, 2017 03:31 PM

Hey there friends.

Let me first briefly introduce myself: my name is Malo, I'm a third-year architecture student in France.

My studies primarily involve developing fictious architectural projects: each year we get more precise, add more details, rules and restrictions. The goal is to be fit, after five to six years, to work on real architectural or urban projects, with all the laws, regulations, norms and difficulties this involves.

My class was recently proposed a new exercize. We are to design a dance school in the Montmartre district of Paris (famous for the movie 'Amélie Poulain' that was shot there, but also for its many theatres and the church on the summit of the hill).

Now, our professors know more about architecture than about dance. I asked a friend who's been a regular dancer for a long time, and she's given me a lot of insight. I figured I should go even further and ask this here community for input! :)

I could settle for the program our teachers made, but it's both incomplete and unsatisfying. I'm aiming to make a school dancers would truly appreciate.


So, here are a few questions I have for you guys!


Would it be interesting for dancers to learn about sewing and about decor/scenery?

I understand scenery and costumes are usually left for professionals to make in view of the representation.
I'm wondering, however, if it would be interesting to offer a place for students to sew their own costumes and to build their own scenery.

I don't believe many dance schools offer this kind of opportunities in their course. Either it is quite innovative or utterly useless.


How many dancers could confortably fit in rooms of 120m², 100m² and 80m² (11x11, 10x10 and 9x9 if they are square-shaped in surface)?

Follow-up question: does every dancing room need its own locker room (with showers and WC)?

We're limited in surface, therefore I've considered having only one pair of locker rooms (Male & Female) for all three dancing rooms. This isn't an ideal option, but it's on the table (unless it is necessary to have one pair of locker rooms per dancing room).


What rooms do you think are important in a dance school, apart from the dancing rooms and the locker rooms/showers?

This could be a cafeteria, an acting room (with a stage and a few seats), a music room (with a proper acoustic and storage for instruments), maybe a dojo or even a recording booth.

Anything you feel lacks in most schools!



I want to thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback!



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