A Few Questions
By Danztchr07
On 10/28/2017 20:23:41
So we're expanding in a few weeks and so I want to start some smaller session classes to make it worth the money in expansion. I want to do them mostly as introduction to dance classes, kinda combo classes if you will, give them a taste, try out a couple styles of dance. Has anyone done this before and how do/have you formatted it? We also want to try a choreography class and a stretch class, but I need some help, ideas on formatting, marketing on that too if you've done anything similar? Last question is I'm looking ahead to summer and am wanting to do some new things. We've done just week long camps or just classes or mixture of both. Our camps usually are a different form of dance each day. We know we want to try a ballet boot camp, but that's about it. I know we all struggle one time or another with summer. Anything you all have done that is worked, working to change things up? TIA!

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