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Choreographing for adults
By pinktights27 Comments: 427, member since Thu Mar 01, 2007
On Mon Oct 30, 2017 08:25 AM

I have an amazing opportunity to choreograph for experienced/highly trained adult dancers - so thrilling. Any style, although I'm leaning towards a contemporary jazz. I feel like I've always had a million ideas, but now that I actually have this opportunity, I am totally lost. The few ideas I've jotted down I've been having trouble developing into full-fledged pieces, picking a style, etc. Part of me just wants to do something fun that the dancers will just plain enjoy, and then part of me wants to do something meaningful/emotional. How do you all approach choreography when you get to work with a group of super talented adults? What types of pieces have you had success with when working with adult dancers? TIA!