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Icons Legends and Hero Theme...Ballet Songs Needed
By live2danzPremium member Comments: 85, member since Mon Oct 02, 2006
On Mon Nov 13, 2017 01:14 PM

We have 2* 3 year old, 2* 4 yr old and 2* 5 yr old classes for ballet this season. Our theme is Icons, Legends and Heros. I am finding it pretty easy to come up with Tap Routines, but not ballet for our Icons, Legends and Heros Recital. Our 3 year olds are babies. Some are still 2 almost 3, so they defiantly need a song with words that is slow and easy. I have one idea for twinkle twinkle or starlight star bright to tie into famous astronauts. Looking for more ballet ideas. Could be famous nursery rhymes that are iconic. It doesn't have to be just Musical Icons.
Thank you!