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Can anyone who lives in America help me out?
By pureblacklily Comments: 31, member since Fri Dec 13, 2013
On Sun Dec 17, 2017 04:31 AM

I need to order something from an American website to the UK, but their shipping is ridiculously expensive overseas. I'm trying to see if I can find anyone in America to whom I could send it, and then they could post it to me via a more sanely priced courier? It weighs 1lb and they're asking $87 dollars for postage, which seems ridiculous to me as that would be about £5 from the post office in the UK to USA.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated...

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re: Can anyone who lives in America help me out?
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On Thu Dec 21, 2017 03:14 PM
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US to UK postage is *extremely* expensive right now (probably because our mail system is terrible). It would definitely be more than £5.

I just looked it up on the USPS website and it ranges from $33.50 to $86.95 for flat rate boxes to the UK, depending on the size of the box. I'm afraid the shipping might not be as exorbitant as you think, based on how big the item is.