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Looking for a few of DDs older dresses
By China_Doll Comments: 1295, member since Sun Dec 30, 2007
On Wed Dec 20, 2017 09:34 AM

HI all- long time no see. With my dancer long retired I have been out of the game awhile and I am finding it harder than expected to Find a few of her older dresses.

Specifically I am looking for her Dragon Dress and or
Her Feather*which was de feathered* dress

I am stuck at work and will add better photos to the post later but the feather dress is the one in the profile pic and the dragon dress is in my photos on my profile.

IF ANYONE knows the owners or recent owners I would love to get my contact info to them before they sell the dresses.

PLEASE PM me..THANKS!! Amber and Sabre