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Connecting with Husband
By Anonymousmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 27690, member since Fri Aug 03, 2001
On Wed Dec 27, 2017 07:35 PM

I feel like my Husband and I should be connecting more than we have been lately. Whenever either of us gets home from work (if the other is awake) we talk about our days for a few minutes and maybe watch some t.v. together but for the most part we are tuned into our phones or whatever electronics are being used. Is it normal to have wind down time mostly separate when coming home from Work? Or do you guys have other ways of spending quality time together? Our sex life is still active, at least on the weekends but throughout the week it just doesn't happen as much anymore.

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re: Connecting with Husband
By CinderEmma Comments: 154, member since Mon Sep 05, 2016
On Sat Dec 30, 2017 06:32 AM
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I don't have an answer but I do have an idea. As long as the electonics/phones are not replacing your relationship needs or communication with each other, I would say it might just be that the two of you are just tired from a long day of work. This doesn't mean that a deeper problem doesn't exist; this just doesn't seem that odd to me especially when I know of professional ballet dancers in relationships that are so worn out at the end of the day, they aren't even interested in their cellphones, much less each other. (Not necessarily a good thing for healthy relationships, but not really bad either.)
However, if you find that the two of you are beginning to drift further and further apart each day, then there might be something more serious going on.