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Extra Work Outside the Studio
By GG5678
On Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:58 PM

I have been asked recently if I am compensated for all the extra hours I put in outside of the studio, particularly when it comes to costume season. This led me to realize that I really didn't know if I was being compensated, I don't put it on my time card, so maybe I am not.
For example I spent nearly 20 hours total this past weekend working on costume samples. I have talked to the studio owner but I am curious as to how other studios do this? Are you compensated, is it included in your choreography pay, or do you basically do it for free?


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re: Extra Work Outside the Studio
By jaime
On Tue Jan 30, 2018 02:51 AM
I'm not sure about currently, but back in the day, we just did costume stuff as part of the job. Come to think of it, time spent choreographing was also done outside of studio/class time hours. So I guess those things were kind of for free, or considered to be included. But, I only taught a couple Hip Hop classes a week, so was definitely not a full-time teacher! (This was before Hip Hip was a popular style to teach in a studio setting, in my area at least). We would just basically get paid for the hours we taught a class. Ah well, all for the love of it!
re: Extra Work Outside the Studio
By Winter17
On Mon Feb 26, 2018 08:33 AM
Yes basically I think it is considered part of the job. If you think you have a pretty decent hourly rate then all is well. If you are paid minimum wage or anything close and have to put in tons of additional time (and you don't get a year bonus) then maybe ask if you can include a few extra hours for that pay period.
re: Extra Work Outside the Studio
By CanadaDance301
On Sun Apr 01, 2018 06:32 PM
At our studio, nothing is paid for other than your time teaching.

Competitions aren't compensated for (and you're expected to go) and we're in a small town so the closest competitions are at least 1.5 hours to 2 hours away, so you need hotels & gas

Recital rehearsals are not paid.

Any extra things like staff meeting aren't paid. We don't get anything for choreography or class planning.

It's pretty much a small town thing, I guess. I'm not sure though.
re: Extra Work Outside the Studio
By hummingbird
On Wed Apr 04, 2018 02:57 PM
At the studio I work at we used to bill for meetings, filling out report cards, competitions and recital/rehearsal time as admin hours which was a lesser rate than our teaching hours. Choreography was and still is considered lesson planning, if I don't plan my lessons I'm not really prepared to teach properly am I :)

Because we had a teacher who was consistently over billing this was changed to a set amount each month. It won't make any difference to my billing in fact it might even give me more hours but it makes it easier for the SO to budget for the year. And I'm still compensated for my time, personally I wouldn't work for a studio that won't pay me for the hours I work and competitions are hard work!
re: Extra Work Outside the Studio
By WantJazz
On Thu May 31, 2018 08:23 AM
As a studio owner I would welcome this type of questions. However, I would prefer to be asked before my teachers spend time outside of the studio. This way I can make a decision of what type of work and for how much of it I would compensate. For example, what may have taken you 20 hours could be 10hr for someone else. In other words an open discussion prior to the work performed would help you and me, and there will be no bad feelings or misunderstanding afterwards.

Some work is expected to be done without compensation. For example, class preparation, including choreography for recital, unless agreed otherwise, and so on. The work related to costume handling to the extent of 20hr is definitely should not be unpaid.

Same goes for competitions. I decide which instructor will travel and how much assistance I require, if at all. And I will compensate for the work and expenses. However, any Instructor who is not officially working, is also welcome to attend but at their own cost. In other words, the instructor’s job preparing kids for competition must be completed prior to the competition. It's a bit too late to "Instruct" on the day of competition.

The key to the issue you are describing is to ask SO before the issue becomes a problem.

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