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SUMMER DANCE CAMP, CURRICULUMS, BOOKS - Studio Closed, please help me make room
By TLMDance
On Thu Apr 19, 2018 05:43 PM

Quick reminders
� Paypal payment preferred -
� Everything will ship USPS Media.
� First come/pay first get.
� If you would like anything, please EMAIL me what you want and be sure to INCLUDE your mailing address. I can send you an invoice as soon as I know the shipping (usually same or next day). Payment must be received within 3 days of invoice. I can send photos if you email me!
These first 5 were the bread and butter for my summer programs and how I got new students hooked. [3 have been sold] Easy profit for minimal work. Originally published by Dance Solutions (now Leap n Learn) these fantastic programs are no longer available for purchase. I believe you have to become a Leap n Learn affiliate now. All include all original materials and master copies - these are ready to use with little prep time. Additionally I will include all of my additional handouts, notes, and choreography. While I used these for my summer program, you could easily adapt them for vacation classes, short session offerings, or integrate them into your full year classes. The camps combine a technique and choreography class with fun, age appropriate, and informative discussions, activities, and crafts covering topics of vocabulary, dance history, music, nutrition, and anatomy; a video performance of the ballet being studied will also take place.

3. Dance Camp Syllabus III $80
Le Fille Mal Gardee Camp for 4/5 year olds
Le Fille Mal Gardee Camp for 6/7 year olds
Le Fille Mal Gardee Camp for 8-10 year olds

5. Jazz and Tap Dance Camp Supplements $30
I used these for ages 8+.

6. Tempo, Level, Energy, Shapes $25
Preschool movement syllabus for ages 3 - 6. Includes accompany CD The curriculum was never used and has no marks. I would use the �stop� tracks for �Freeze dance� at the end of most preschool classes.

8. Janice Barringer�s Introduction to Ballet Ballet Syllabus $45
This is the DVD and the CD. Described for 5 & 6 year olds. Current prices is $40 for the CD and $45 for the DVD. Like new! Notes are on the CD and on the DVD. Wonderful program.

11. The Magical Kingdom of Dance by Mary Alpha Johnson $20
No longer available, this is the original book! Great presentation of ballet vocabulary. Current book edition is $49.95 I used the book to make monthly coloring pages for my 3 to 7 year olds and vocabulary handouts for my 8-10 year olds.

12. Ballet (coloring book) $4
Beautiful coloring pages, including the history and the story, of 15 important ballets. Perfect supplements for Dance Camps, class work, summer classes. I shrunk the pages down to 8.5�x11� hand outs, Many of the handouts I created included.

14. 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet $13
8 year Vaganova program. Like new!

17. The Ballet Companion by Eliza Gaynor Minden $17.50
Like new! I�ve never even opened this book. Original priced $29.95.

19. Ballet From the First Plie to Mastery by Anna Paskevska $8
An 8 year ballet curriculum. This is a copy of this book ready for your own 3-ring binder. I have made notations and highlights.

24. 1968 DANCE CARAVAN USA. $5
This is a vintage Dance Caravan USA dance convention notebook. It includes choreography for 18 performance dance routines, listing the Hoctor album where the music can be found. The only writing I saw in my quick check was a name/address on the title page. You'll find offerings from some of the original greats of the dance convention circuits! Betty Hoctor, Kit Andree, Eddie Collins, Michael Dominico, Ronald Matty, Danny Hoctor, and Tania Karina. Dances are for all levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - and for all dance styles - Jazz, Tap, Ballet.

25. Tap Choreography Notes $5
12 routines - Grade 1 through 9
20 Preschool Tap routines

26. Jazz Choreography Notes $5
77 jazz routines (training aids) preschool through grade 2
Written Notes: Darryl Retter Jazz Technique: Intermediate/Advanced
Written Notes: Bob Rizzo�s 50 Turns & Jumps
Written Notes: The Jazz Man - Scott Benson (6 routines)

27. Ballet Class & Choreography Notes $10
Janice Barringer Ballet Class Notes:
Children�s Ballet Class, Grades 1 & 2
Filling in the Gaps of Ballet Technique (9 exercises)
Lower Intermediate Ballet Class
Combinations With Beats (8 combinations)
Notes for Children�s Creative Ballet Class in Rhyme - Al Gilbert
22 Preschool Ballet routines
67 Ballet Routines - Grades 1 through Intermediate
Written Notes: Come Dance - Sharon Lancaster (6 routines)
Written Notes: Textures - Jerry Rose (6 routines)
Written Notes: Invitation To The Dance - Jerry Rose (6 routines)
Written Notes: Ballet (6 routines)
re: SUMMER DANCE CAMP, CURRICULUMS, BOOKS - Studio Closed, please help me make room
By Nancy1999
On Mon Jan 27, 2020 06:09 PM


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