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Learning to trust?
By isaetoilerina
On Mon May 07, 2018 08:02 AM

Hey everyone! Little dilemma here.

I am absolutely dreading our summer pas de deux sessions this year. I have only taken it one other time, in which I was dropped, squeezed to death, dragged around by guys, etc. Sounds like fun, right? Well, I have been trying to get myself pumped up for this summer, but I have an impending sense of doom whenever I think about past experiences. Those who I know that I will be partnering with are my friends and I have given them my upmost trust but however, with newcomers who I have never danced with in my life, how do I learn to trust them quickly without becoming afraid? I want to do well in this class to get over my crazy PDD trauma.

Does anyone have any tips?

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re: Learning to trust?
By Orianna13
On Mon May 07, 2018 05:01 PM
Let your teacher know that you have had bad experiences. Make sure you make it clear that you are not looking for sympathy, but that you need help in improving - that you have a fear because of a bad class or session in the past.
Also if you see your partner doing something wrong, let him/her know (obviously in a nice way). Dance is all about correction and getting better. Ask the teacher if they don't take your advice or are not sure. If they keep doing something wrong, pull the teacher aside during the end of class and let them know that your partner is doing something unsafe if they are.
But enjoy your summer classes and don't let past experiences let you down! Try not to think of the past - as hard as that can be - and think of this class as something new and exciting!
re: Learning to trust?
By dennyland
On Tue May 29, 2018 05:30 PM
I have a question. I began taking classes 3 years ago but have not yet done any PPD. How do I get started? Do I ask the teacher? Do I have to have a partner before asking? How is it suppose to work? I'm an older guy.
re: Learning to trust?
By Storm_Trouper
On Sat Jun 09, 2018 03:43 PM
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how are you currently studying ballet? in a studio program that offers adult drop in classes?
these programs teach you ballet technique over a period of years.
without training 3-5 times per week adult drop in technical progress can be very slow, especially without corrections and a syllabus from elementary to intermediate to advanced.
besides which you also need adequate strength development preparation in order to partner safely, both for you and for the girl.

other programs are meant to teach variations and pas de deuxand can be 2-3 times per week in an academy format for people generally up the their mid-late teens (still or recently in high school)
it is unusual and exceedingly rare I think for either of these two types of programs to be offered to adults who are on a recreational (non-vocational) track. there is neithe sufficient demand nor revenue. regular, consistent attendance is necessary by all participants,

in NYC there is one drop in and one periodic course in pas2, a global rarity.
at Irvine Calfornia there is a summer intensive for adults which includes pas2.
your other option is expensive: private lessons, where you need to find a willing partner. i did this in Paris for example last year, but there are teachers everywhere for a price.

hope that helps in terms of what options there are out there currently that I have exlored and researched


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