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Create your own Recital!
By Lindseylloyd0523
On Tue Jun 12, 2018 08:24 PM

Just a little game here. You must post the songs and pictures of the costumes for the following:

1. Tap Ages 12-19
2. Tap Ages 8-11
3. Jazz Ages 8-10
4. Modern Ages 13-18
5. Tumbling Ages 3-5
6. Tumbling Ages 6-8
7. Tumbling Ages 9-11
8. Tumbling Ages 3-5
9. Tumbling Ages 6-8
10. Tumbling Ages 12-18
11. Tap Ages 11-13
12. Adult Tap
13. Ballet Ages 16-Adult
14. Ballet Age 5
15. Tap Ages 6-8
16. Ballet Ages 12-15
17. Modern Ages 8-12
18. Adult Ballet
19. Ballet Ages 3-4
20. Pointe
21. Ballet Ages 3-4
22. Ballet Ages 8-10
23. Ballet Ages 6-8
24. Ballet Ages 10-12
25. Senior Dance
26. Jazz Ages 6-10
27. Adult Jazz
28. Jazz Ages 10-13
29. Jazz Ages 13-18
30. Jazz Ages 14-10
Finale Song

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re: Create your own Recital!
By WantJazz
On Wed Jun 13, 2018 09:43 AM
Where is the intermission? :)

The easier way to put this list together is to ask SOs to share their recital programs. You will have everything you need, except for lesson plans and choreo...

Here is the easy one for Finale Song: search youtube "Fairytale Alexander Rybak Eurovision 2009 final". Bring all groups out on the stage in whichever costumes they dance last. The song is "older" but little known in US, and sounds finale-ish.

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re: Create your own Recital!
By Lindseylloyd0523
On Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:04 AM
So anyone want to share the recital programs from this year? Include pictures of the costumes too!
re: Create your own Recital! (karma: 1)
By WantJazz
On Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:39 PM
That's a serious ask. Recital plan is an intellectual property, and SOs put a lot of effort, hours, and money in creating them.

As a matter of fact, sometimes it takes way more work to produce a recital than produce a classical ballet with a professional company.
I bet not many people think in these dimentions about recital work. Avarage classical ballet would have 50+/- pro dancers, who need very little supervision, and most variations have been choreographed and studied 100s of times. Compare this with an effort of staging a recital with 200+/- students of 3-15 years old, most of whom can't walk across the stage on a straight line... Which is more difficult?

So, there are ways to gather ideas on recital, and may be borrow some. You can start with the ones that are publicly available:
type this string in google search:
filetype:pdf dance recital program

There is also a way to get more help from the community here by narrowing down your question. For example, come up with the recital theme first. Then ask people for song ideas for a specific theme. For example, pick the theam "Fairytale". It wil be much easier to think of songs for each age-group/style related to this one theme. Plus you already have a theme for finale!

With costumes, things are a bit more challenging. The likelyhood that you can find the same costumes that someone used in the past years is rather slim. The tip here is: get 1-2 costume printed catalogues from vendors. Once you have songs picked, go through and make decision which ones are best fit for the song. That's how I did it. Plus you picking costumes that are available for the upcoming season.

I hope this helps.
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re: Create your own Recital! (karma: 1)
By jms9t2
On Wed Jun 13, 2018 01:14 PM
I agree. If this is "just a little game," then it's too much like my regular work to be a game for me.
If this is an actual ask, I think you're doing yourself and your students a disservice by not putting the thought and creativity in yourself.
re: Create your own Recital!
By ChristinePremium member
On Thu Jun 14, 2018 06:55 PM
This little game usually takes me about 4 months.

Costumes and music is also influenced by the abilities and physicality of the individual dancers.

Sorry..... I usually play along....but this reminds me of a child trying to trick me into doing his homework.

"Mom....did you read, The Book Thief?" "

I did...

"What would you say was your favorite example of a plot device used as a symbol to illuminate the theme?"

Well.... I think when the Jewish man hiding in the basement took the copies of Mein Kamph and white washed all the pages and re-wrote a better book..... HEY....did YOU read the book?


And is this a homework question?


Go read the book .... then we can have a book club.

Keep On Dancing*
re: Create your own Recital!
By Jenny1661Premium member
On Tue Jun 19, 2018 03:53 PM
We all get to do this every year, so I have to agree with the others: it doesn't feel like a game I want to play just now.

I suggest you check out the Sticky on page 4: Themes and Song Ideas to Fit Themes . . .


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