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Children's Beginner Jazz Class Format - Need Help!
By KayAdagio
On Wed Sep 12, 2018 09:57 AM

Hi everybody!

I just landed my first job as a dance instructor at a local studio! I'm so excited to get started, but just need a little help from the dance community. I have 15+ years of classical ballet under my belt, so I'm not worried about the technique classes at all. However, when it comes to the jazz classes I am a bit nervous! I've taken several jazz classes before, but not throughout my life like ballet, so I'm a little more uncomfortable and unfamiliar with it. It has been quite a while, and I need to dust off the cobwebs. Could somebody please post like a sample jazz class for young children? Or maybe just the format of a jazz class? The oldest kids I have are probable 6 or 7, so just simple stuff.

Another thing is that I'm kind of debating what would be too advanced to teach and what isn't. Pirouettes? Chaines? Pique turns? I know I probably wouldn't teach those in a ballet class just yet, maybe just basic basics. Like learning to spot or something. A little guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! :)

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re: Children's Beginner Jazz Class Format - Need Help!
By sydchris
On Wed Jul 31, 2019 08:22 PM
Here is my typical jazz class for age 5-7:

Warm up-
I will start with walking around the room with my students. They can walk wherever in the room they want. Then I’ll change it up like fast walk, skip, jog, skip backwards, jump around the room, etc. until I feel they’re warmed up.

Center floor-
I will begin to teach the basics of a pirouette turn. No actual turning until they get the basics down. I’ll break down the arms and legs separately, then combine those and just balance instead of turning. When they have it down and can balance for a good amount of time, then they can turn. It can be fun to challenge them to see if they can hold it for 3 second, then 5 eventually, then maybe 10. Usually I like to wait quite a few classes and keep them balancing before they turn.

Across the floor-
Grape vine
Jazz walk
Sassy walk: I let the students do this however they want across the floor, they just need to be sassy! Some students are too shy for this which is okay. Some will eventually do it once they see how fun their other classmates have with it. Others may never do it which is okay!
Chasse: right foot in front one way, left foot in front other way.
Kicks: back and forth from right to left leg
Slow chaine turns making sure they know each turn is only 2 steps & helping them spot
Leaps: just run and leap (not chasse step leap)

Hope this helps a little bit! 😊 just have fun with them and feel it out for whatever you think they can learn!


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