Dance paws vs half-socks
By Sara_A
On 05/18/2019 06:52:40
Hi! What are your experiences and opinions about dance paws/foot undeez/foot thongs vs half-socks? What would you rather choose, and why? I have half-socks with rubber straps that comes around the heel, I like them since I am used to dancing in socks in classes (and I’m horrible at dancing barefoot, although I would like to become better at it), half-socks are great as they give you that extra glide in e.g pirouettes or when you’re sliding your foot against the floor. But they are not as neat/discrete as dance paws, and with dance paws there is probable a closer feeling to dancing barefoot. So I would love to hear other dancers opinions: what do you prefer? Pros and cons? :)
re: Dance paws vs half-socks
By nduniversal123
On 06/23/2021 02:14:14

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