I know, it's been asked to death
By NoCheesyHandles
On 11/18/2019 17:55:05
But oddly, it's not any easier. We need to replace our floor. I've combed the threads and there is just so much darn advice. It's overwhelming. The space is almost 900sf. We do contemporary, beg-int ballet, and zumba in that room. Max 10k, installed. I really need help. It's frustrating to tears.
re: I know, it's been asked to death
By Evanstar
On 02/11/2020 16:24:33
I recently moved my studio to a new location. I have 2 large rooms with over 1200 square feet of flooring in each room. I chose a waterproof vinyl laminate flooring because of the durability. and affordability. This is a floating floor over a rubber underlayment. We LOVE it. It is not as slick as normal laminate and we use it for all forms of dance - ballet, tap , jazz, contemporary etc. What sold me was when the salesman took a box knife and cut through on the top and there was barely a scratch. We knew it would take a beating from tap shoes. We got it at Menards on sale.

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