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A 'wee' problem
By Twinkletoes2020
On Thu Mar 05, 2020 05:46 PM

Hi All

I am not sure if it is getting worse or if i have just been the teacher bearing the brunt of it but do other studios have issues with dancers having accidents (wetting themselves) in class?

We have a guidelines around toiletting as im sure most studios do as without them kids would be going every 2 sec and this really interrupts class but we would never not let a kids go. The only thing we ask is that a dancer asks permission to go, goes one at a time and if possible waits until a designated break.

I am not including pre school classes in this as they are in a world of their own haha.

Just this week I have had 2 dancers in 2 seperate class have accidents. One was an 8 year old and the other nearly 10!
The 8 year old asked to go and I said yes as i could see her jiggling but didnt get her clothes off intime and when she hadnt come back after about 5 mins I went to check on her and found her crying in the toilets with very wet tights. I gave her some clothes to change into and she came back into class. I talked to her after and said next time try and go before class or ask earlier and she said she was shy to ask infront of everyone.

The next time only a day later at almost the end of an hour class a girl new to our studio who i dont know very well just peed herself, no asking to go to the toilet or anything she just stood there looking very shocked. I dismissed class as it was almost the end but the other kids were of course giggling away. I diverted the attention as much as i could and got my assistant to get some paper towels. The girl had to get the bus home so i got her some new clothes and said to her you can ask to use the toilet in class, she said she thought she could hold on till the end.

I talked with my 2 other teachers and 1 of them has also had one accident this year with a 6/7 yr old.

Do other studios have kids having accidents and how do you manage it. I didnt talk to the parents as i viewed them both as one of incidents, should i have?


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re: A 'wee' problem
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:11 PM
I feel like you should have told them both. Parents, I mean. A 10 year old who thinks she can hold it and can't, her parents need to know that, if for no other reason then social ones. Girlfriend is gonna get PICKED. ON. Her parents need to know how to help her.

The 8 year old, putting myself in her parents position, I'd want to know why she's talking about crying in the bathroom and coming home in clothes I know I didn't send her in.

Obviously, you're no diagnostician, but there's UTI concerns, and all that kind of stuff too.


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