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advanced Ballet Class
By BalletLI
On Thu Jul 30, 2020 06:52 AM
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ballet Long Island
1863 Pond Rd
Ronkonkoma, NY, US

Deadline: Sun Aug 30, 2020
Workshop Date: Sept 12 to June 15
For more info: Call 631-737-1964
About ballet Long Island
The Ballet Center The Ballet Center is founded on the belief that the study of dance gives students the skills and creativity to develop their own personal expression. This will carry over into every aspect of their lives. Guidance, support and challenge in a positive learning environment offer opportunities for personal and artistic growth. Classes include ballet,pointe, tap, jazz/theater dance,modern, hip-hop offered for preschoolers adults. For some, the program will inspire a commitment to a professional career in, and for others it will inspire a love of dance. We have trained more professional dancers, teachers, and choreographers than any other school on Long Island. Nonprofit means all of our funds go back into the community with scholarships, low tuition fees and more. We are one of the top rated schools in the country.

Advanced Ballet Class
This class is for professional dancers and students with many years of training. The Classical Ballet level 5 class challenges the student with more complex combinations at the barre and in the center. Class includes complete classical ballet barre, pirouette,turns, grand allegro, body directions, port de bras and petite allergo. The student will work on fluidity of movement, balance, and combinations with adagio and petite allegro.This is an ultimate ballet class taught by excellent teachers.
Mon 5:00pm or Tues 7:30pm or Wed 10:00am or Wed 7:00pm or Thurs 5:30pm or Sat 10:30am

Tuition - $20 per class
Monthly - $65 one class per week
Yearly - $400 Sept to June one class per week
Registration Fee - $30 per school year
The Ballet Center, 1863 Pond Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Call 631-737-1964


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