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By pnnanan
On Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:30 AM
Edited by pnnanan (348356) on 2020-08-09 11:30:22

You Inner Passion in Your Heart.Everyone -every person in this world has a Dream: a passion, a vision in
their life that pulls them and urges them to move forward in life. You, my friend have this vision within
you, it "whispers" to you occasionally, but in some cases it cries out. It cries out to be listened to and
acted upon because this vision comes from your soul.Find your inner fire, your sense of purpose; this fire
will help you harness strengths you're not even aware you have. Be connected with your inner passions -
your Life's Dreams, and live that passion every day.

Fantastic website! Great post, I will come again.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I have never thought about it before, please continue to post information!
Thank you all for your kindness and wish you happiness
re: Keep updated
By maryborrego
On Wed Aug 12, 2020 08:16 PM
Unevenness is the source of happiness in the world
No matter how the world treats you, please continue to work hard, be brave and full of hope. All the unwillingness in life is because you still have dreams in your heart. Before you give up, make a good effort, but you are not afraid of old hearts and long roads. You need to know that not everything is destined to succeed, but everything is worth trying. The lives of others are actually like a "siege". People outside want to go in, and people inside want to come out. You are not as envious as you think. Live your life well, without arrogance, rashness or envy. Everyone has different ways to realize their own life values. As Russell said, unevenness is the source of happiness in the world. It's not owned by others, you must own it.


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