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Forming a Virtual Dance Company
By jamesbyrondc
Posted On Fri Oct 23, 2020 06:21 PM
James Byron Dance Company
Old Bridge, NJ, US

Deadline: Mon Nov 23, 2020
Audition Date: Online
About James Byron Dance Company
I am starting a new dance company. Due to the pandemic it will start out as a virtual/digital company. Things may change in the future, but for now all dances will be filmed by dancer and then submitted to founder. Genres (lyrical, jazz, and modern.)

� Read all of this first.
� If interested I will send you a survey. Please take it immediately.
� Once I receive the surveys, I will send 2 videos (one at a time). You will learn the dance and then video yourself (head to toe) doing the dance wearing what I tell you to wear (what you wear has to do with the survey)
� Once I receive the video and approve, I will send you $50* and the next video.
� Once the second video is received, I will send $50* and the next assignment. The next video will be you answering 5 questions on camera. Please answer them as if someone is interviewing you. In other words, take a slight pause in between each answer. I will send more than 5 questions, pick the 5 you like the most and answer them. Let me know in the email which 5 you chose.
� Once that interview video is received you will receive $50* and the next assignment. The next assignment is you sending me a picture of yourself.
o Picture smiling while wearing JBDC shirt (tell me your size and type of shirt (t-shirt, v-shirt, baseball-ringer, or long-sleeve)) (Take picture head to toe) Take two. One with mask and one without. You will be provided shirts and masks.
o Picture with serious or posh look wearing anything blue (semi-formal). You can wear white and/or black with the outfit (Take picture head to toe)
o In a dance position. Any position is fine, but just make sure your face is seen. Wear anything blue (something different from picture #2). You can wear white and/or black with the blue. (Any shade of blue is fine) NOTE: Please do not buy anything, just use what you have. (Take picture head to toe)
� Once I receive your photos, I will send you $50*. This will equal the $200*.
� There will be a contract to sign just to say that you agree to submit the requested items and that I will pay you the $50* after you submit. I can pay via venmo, cashapp, and paypal.
� Per the contract you are NOT bound by me. If you submit all of the requested items and get a job with another dance company, you are free to go. Just let me know so I can congratulate you.
� How to make extra money? You can make extra money two ways. $50* for sending in your bloopers and/or mistakes of you trying to learn the dance. $50* of a solo work. Music must be by an independent artist (can even be a family member and/or a friend). I need to know the artist, song, and where the song can be purchased (doing my best to support the indies.)
� Will we ever do live performance? I do not know. My hopes are yes, but right now the dance company will be virtual. There is at least one opportunity, but we will discuss that after we launch the first few videos.

If you are still interested you can email me at

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re: Forming a Virtual Dance Company
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By liamterry
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re: Forming a Virtual Dance Company
By Peong1964
On Fri Nov 27, 2020 12:41 PM
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re: Forming a Virtual Dance Company
By CesarZ
On Tue Dec 22, 2020 05:34 AM
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