Pole Dance Instructor
By KokoroMB
On 01/02/2021 16:53:33
We are currently looking for pole dance instructors. This would be a contract position and would start with a couple of classes per week but with the opportunity to grow with a new studio. We are especially interested in an instructor who is available Monday early evenings and Saturday afternoons. You do not have to be certified, but that is a bonus! You must have experience teaching dance classes and must have studied pole dancing for more than one year. We are currently looking for an instructor to teach pole beginners and/or pole conditioning. Other aerial/circus arts or dance forms may also be considered for classes (such as Hula Hoop or Flamenco), as long as they are in line with our mind-body wellness mission. Salary negotiable, dependant on experience.
re: Pole Dance Instructor
By Jose_Costa
On 01/21/2021 15:22:27
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re: Pole Dance Instructor
By lindaperryly
On 01/22/2021 01:58:36
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