Are toddler beds necessary?
By j783458
On 11/28/2021 02:20:53
We have a 21 month old. He sleeps in his crib sometimes and other times (sick, teething or just needs comfort) on a mattress on the floor of his room with me (his mom). He also sleeps on this mattress alone for naps. He is one inch shorter than the maximum height for his crib so I started researching toddler beds. But then I started thinking - why not just make his floor mattress his "toddler bed" until he's mature enough to not roll out of a regular bed? Is there some benefit of a toddler bed that we'd be missing if we used a floor mattress instead? It would be great to not spend the extra money on the toddler bed if it isn't necessary.
re: Are toddler beds necessary?
By Ferlano
On 12/06/2021 12:25:38
Hello, today there are many beds of various shapes, but, unfortunately, one beautiful type of furniture is not enough for a child to have a good rest, because one must not forget about choosing the right mattress. If we take into account that the child sleeps long enough, you need to correctly and seriously approach the choice of a mattress so that the spine is in the anatomically correct position. I would recommend that you look at the review at, maybe this will help you make the right choice.

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