ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By AngilBaby86
On 01/13/2004 15:24:07
well...I just started taking ballet again, and I know it will help me with my center and balance, and make me a better dancer and what not, but I really don't like it that much, but I know the outcome. Should I stick with it and suck it up and do it because I know it will help, or quit?
re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By glitterfairy
On 01/13/2004 15:29:39
I'd quit.

If all you want from ballet is a stronger centre and improved line, these are dance things in general- not just covered in ballet! Pilates might be something you're interested, or even find a jazz technique or a technique class. These will work specifically on strength and technique, but usually on it's own or in a jazz-based format. It's a very popular option for those who want the benefits of a technique-based dance form like ballet but just picking up what they want, not taking up ballet completely (in effect, this is cross-training).

Best wishes!
ballet.. dick or sux it up?
By cutenesschick15
On 01/13/2004 16:27:08
I am in the same field as you, I think i am gonna continue atleast until the end of the school year, and then evaluate myself to see if ballet has really helped or not. Its up to you, but i would stick with it for a just a wee bit longer!
re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By Primadonna
On 01/13/2004 17:09:18
Ballet isn't the only way to help your strength and balance. Try pilates or power yoga... in fact, they're far better for improving balance than ballet it. And they're more fun. If you don't like ballet, don't do it, especially if there are better options out there for you. Ballet is not good for people who don't like it, hell, I like it and I still find it really aggravating most times!

re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By x0abc_xyz0x
On 01/14/2004 00:53:11
Yeah dont do it if you dont like it, theres pilates and stuff. :)
re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By tapcat601
On 01/14/2004 14:30:11
persenolly, i think you should do what you like the best. if ballet is not it then dont force your self to do somthing you realy dont like. i did it and i still regreat the time i wasted on somthing i couldnt put my heart into. we are all born with talents, e just have to find what they are.
re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By Besu
On 01/14/2004 14:51:39
Hey angilbaby 86. How long have you been doing ballet since you started back?? I think maybe you should try to stick it out a little while longer, and if you still aren't enjoying it, then quit.. You don't have to do ballet if you don't want to.. I can understand if you want to develop your dancing, and coordination and what not, but you can do that in other kinds of dancing too. Try a couple of other dance forms out, and see how you like them compared to ballet.. It really isn't anyone else's place to be telling you whether or not you should quit ballet.. I hope you it works out! -bethany-
re: ballet...ditch it or suck it up?
By rhythmicsparkles
On 01/14/2004 21:10:07
If you don't like it, don't do it. If you keep on doing it, and you're not enjoying it, it's only going to make you dislike it more. and take it from me (although my experience doesn't involve ballet) it's not good.

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