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re: Splits Training
By adasuv
On Sun Sep 28, 2008 09:58 AM
This post is really awsome! Maybe I'll finally manage to do my splits...
re: Splits Training
By Ribbenaballerina
On Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:06 AM
this post is sooooooo good its realy helpfull, Thank You xxx
re: Splits Training
By qthie
On Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:49 PM
finally I got my splits...
re: Splits Training
By ChimmiSHAKE
On Mon Oct 20, 2008 05:12 AM
YAY, this post rocks

i can get both side splits but not centres!

hopefully i'll get there very soon

re: Splits Training
By Cliffbella
On Sun Jan 04, 2009 06:11 PM
Thank You!! :D
re: Splits Training
By Bella_rina1993
On Mon Jan 05, 2009 09:27 PM
Thanks! That was really good!
Lisa Howell also wrote something similar that I have found really helpful:

Dancers are constantly striving for perfection and are as a result always trying to improve their flexibility. To improve flexibility stretching should be effective, efficient and safe. I offer some helpful hints and my own stretch programme to improve flexibility into the splits.

There are a few common mistakes people make while trying to improve their flexibility. Number one is the trying too hard with their stretches. Far too many people push their stretches too far and risk tearing muscle fibres in the process. When you stretch a muscle too much, it has a protective response called the 'stretch reflex' that actually makes the muscle contract. This means that you not only risk injuring yourself, but that you don't get as much improvement as if you go a little more gently.

Secondly, if you are contracting lots of other muscles to pull your leg up (this is common when trying to stretch the hamstring
muscles), all the tension in the rest of your body does nothing to help the muscle you are trying to stretch, relax. It important to stay relaxed throughout the programme.

Most people try to improve their flexibility into the splits by
simply doing the splits. This will get you a certain distance but
is certainly not the whole picture. The process that I find works
the best, is to slowly work through all the other muscles in your
legs and around your pelvis that influences the nerve down the back of the leg, as especially when you are growing, this is what is usually tight.

Put some groovy music on, and spread out a mat to enjoy this little routine! I find it much nicer to work with the music than
specifically count out the exercises, just make sure you don't
rush!! Make sure you are nice and warm before starting... After a
class, a brisk walk or a shower is nice.

-Lie on your back, with both knees bent and feet on the floor.
-Slowly rotate your low back from side to side (at least 8 times).
-Then gently work your hips through their full range (knees bent)
by pulling them into your chest then rotating them to the sides (4 times each direction each leg).
-Stretch the deep bottom muscles in several positions, by bringingone knee slightly across your body and pulling the lower part ofthe leg around (Piriformis Stretch)
-Then roll over and bring your foot to your bottom to stretch the
front of the thigh.
-Come up onto one knee, in a lunge position to stretch the front
of the hip, making sure that you don't arch the back, but gently
tuck your tail under to feel the stretch.
-Turn the hips slowly to face one side wall, and then the other,
feeling for points of restriction.
-Sink lower into the lunge, breathing slowly.
-Come up into standing and stretch the calves, making sure you do
a bent knee calf stretch as well as the common straight leg one (2x each).
-Circle your ankles several times in both directions then slowly
massage the sole of each foot with your knuckles (go gently!).
-Take your legs wide in standing, then bend one knee and take the
hands to the floor to stretch the inside thigh of one leg. Transfer
the weight over to the other leg to stretch the second side.
-Sit on the floor with your legs out towards a side split
position. Lean forward very gently by tilting the pelvis forward
and keeping your spine straight.
-Slowly lean to one side, and lift the opposite arm to stretch out your side, and breathe deeply into your lowest ribs, then repeat to the other side (2x).
-Come back to centre and lean forward again gently (you should be
able to go a little further).
-Roll back onto your back, knees bent and feet together, and then
lower the knees into a 'froggy stretch'.
-Finally, hold behind the back of one knee and gently extend the
knee to stretch the back of the thigh. It should already feel
looser than normal, so just hold a gentle stretch, and make sure
that your shoulders and arms are relaxed! Spine straight!
-Finish off with a gentle stretch into the splits to check your
range. Do NOT push this!!!

A unique program is being developed especially for dancers to
improve mobility in this area. Keep updated on the progress of this fantastic resource by signing on to the FREE dancer's newsletter at

Kind Regards,

Lisa Howell

Dance Physiotherapist
Perfect Form Physiotherapy,
Suite 904, 121 Walker St,
North Sydney,

Hope that helps everyone too! Happy stretching!! :)
re: Splits Training
By passion4danceXOX
On Mon Jan 19, 2009 01:11 PM
what a great post! i'm so excited to use it to help me stretch! :]
re: Splits Training
By dramaqueen18
On Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:19 PM
wow :) thank you for that it was very helpful :D
re: Splits Training
By Dancing_Swan
On Sat Feb 14, 2009 04:44 PM
Wow! this really has helped!!!!
re: Splits Training
By dvlldavis86
On Tue Feb 17, 2009 07:52 PM
i am not very flexible and just started stretchin 2 days ago in the morning and at night and plan to keep doing it even after i get the splits. I just want to know if I didi these morning and night everyday how soon should i see results?
re: Splits Training
By Swedishdancer85
On Sun Feb 22, 2009 07:36 PM
that is a very good got your splits in 2 weeks??!!! how flexible were you before and how is your body made? Very curious...
re: Splits Training
By K_K
On Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:19 PM
Thanks for the post I already have mine and have for as long as I can remember. I guess I'm just naturally flexible, but I was wondering how to teach my little dance classes how to do the stretches to get flexible an get their splits. thanks a lot I needed it.
re: Splits Training
By katelyn1member has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Apr 01, 2009 06:06 AM
Great information regarding splits training. My daughter has started dancing and i will show her your list. Many thanks
re: Splits Training
By BalletDiva95
On Fri May 01, 2009 10:05 PM
Hi ! I 'm having a problem with my splits and was glad to find this post but do you think you might be able to post pictures for these because i cant understand some of them .....please :)thank you !
re: Splits Training
By GraceQuicksteps
On Sat May 02, 2009 03:52 AM
Brillaint Great Post and it will definitley come in handy
re: Splits Training
By idanceallday4Him
On Wed May 06, 2009 03:58 PM
sounds good!! thanks for posting!
re: Splits Training
By lilcourtz226
On Sat Jun 20, 2009 02:59 PM
hi this is very helpful I can do my right leg splits and I am working on my left leg splits nearly there yay. :D
re: Splits Training
By danceprincess42
On Fri Jul 03, 2009 03:39 PM
thanks this is really helpful
re: Splits Training
By DianeDean
On Fri Jul 03, 2009 07:55 PM
Great post. Now all I have to do is practice the stretches. Thanks.
re: Splits Training
By dramaqueen18
On Sun Dec 06, 2009 02:39 PM
that was a great post x
re: Splits Training
By Flyingkamakiri
On Fri Jan 01, 2010 02:21 PM
I'll Give Lisa's system a try. The twist i am getting in my splits is terrible. >
re: Splits Training
By Liv56
On Thu Feb 11, 2010 02:44 AM
That was a great post! It should clear up a lot of peoples questions...I know it did for me!
re: Splits Training
By SinatraAngel
On Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:59 AM
Great post! I need my splits in about a month. I'm close with my right and left but my middle needs help. Thanks so much!
re: Splits Training
By KODancer202
On Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:19 PM
I've been looking for this kind of info everywhere! Great post! Thanks :)
re: Splits Training
By highland_yt
On Mon Jan 03, 2011 08:29 PM
Great tips. I'm glad I looked at this post before some other completley misleading ones I have seen!
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