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re: Splits Training (karma: 1)
By tippytoez
On Tue Apr 27, 2004 01:47 PM
wow great post! thanx so much!

karma! :D
re: Splits Training
By Blobbita
On Tue Apr 27, 2004 06:37 PM
i noe youve probs heard this heaps of time bfore, but yea great post! can you tell me the site? plz. sounds really great. thnx.
great post!
re: Splits Training
By Femme_Fatale
On Wed Apr 28, 2004 12:49 PM
Totally helpful! Awesome advice! :)
re: Splits Training
By luvs_2_dance
On Wed Apr 28, 2004 03:13 PM
wot a great post
thanks alot i have printed this and will try to do them every day
re: Splits Training
By danzerboix
On Sat May 01, 2004 02:13 PM
I'm starting today!! Thanks a million!
re: Splits Training
By tallballerina
On Sun May 02, 2004 04:16 PM
thanks!!! I printed this out and i'm gonna start stretching tonight! thanks again
re: Splits Training
By pointe_fanatic
On Thu May 06, 2004 12:03 AM
Thankyou VERY much! i am currently trying to get a 45 degree oversplit, and im currently at around say.... twenty???
I think ill start these stretches every day now! hehe
Thanx again,
Pointe Fan xxx
Splits Training
By tutumagical
On Sat May 08, 2004 04:12 PM
karma karma karma karma karma karma karma


Splits Training
By tutumagical
On Tue May 11, 2004 01:12 PM

I would just like to tell you that because of your post, i am now almost in a left split, and it's all thanks to this post. i was a little down in the dumps because i noticed a significant difference in the flexibility of my right leg with my left leg. all those years i just focused so hard on stretching my right leg and never really thought about my left. so i wanted to thank you because now i am almost even! i just thought i'd share because i am going to camp this summer and wouldn't want to look like a dork who had absolutely no stretch on her left side (no offense intended). So thank you again!!!!

re: Splits Training
By akil_b15
On Wed May 12, 2004 10:53 PM
hey thanks a lot for posting this. it really helps me with my training.
re: Splits Training
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun May 16, 2004 10:37 AM
Thanks bunches! I really want to get mine for competition and I have the whole summer to work on them, thanks for the advice and tips!
re: Splits Training
By Redheadprincess9
On Sun May 16, 2004 12:00 PM
Your really close to getting your spilts, im going to start stretching every night so i can get them for dance team.
Splits Training
By Crazy_Gymnast15
On Sun May 30, 2004 04:50 AM
GREAT ADVICE! Thanks for posting!
re: Splits Training
By wise_man7
On Fri Jun 04, 2004 08:26 PM
thats cool!
re: Splits Training
By DancingMeggs
On Sat Jun 05, 2004 08:31 PM
Thank you so much. That is exactly what i have been looking for. You rock.

re: Splits Training
By ballet_lover15member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 12:08 PM
Thank you! This will help a lot. I hope I will get my goal... Thanks!
thank you
By pink_princess2
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 01:41 PM
thank you soooo much!
i did the splits for the first time today eva!
it woz so much help!!!!
re: Splits Training
By TwirlerGrl247
On Thu Jun 17, 2004 10:59 PM
thanks for the helpful advice
re: Splits Training
By im_luvin_dance
On Sat Jun 19, 2004 07:12 AM
Edited by im_luvin_dance (96942) on 2004-06-19 07:13:28 I had to change the smiley!
Thanks for the tip! I am working on my splits because my dance teacher said that I need them by August! ahhh! But I have been working on them every day. :D
re: Splits Training
By Jazz_lynn
On Tue Jun 22, 2004 04:10 AM
thanks for posting this, i really needed it.
By babydolldancer13member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Jun 25, 2004 02:23 AM
omg>>>thank u sooo much for that post!...i posted for splits before and this girl told me to look i did...and i am glad i did!!!!..thank you sooo much!!!! =) =) =)
re: Splits Training
By CCdancer2689
On Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:35 PM
This is exactly what I need. Thank you sooooo much! You're the best!

Much Love,
re: Splits Training
By Steve_I
On Sat Jun 26, 2004 01:56 PM
great post, thanks! for me, especially the pnf method worked really well where you try to push your legs together for 5-10 seconds and then relax again.
re: Splits Training
By dance_rox
On Sun Jun 27, 2004 05:34 AM
what a great post it tells you everything you need to know to get the best splits ever! thanx 4 postin it!!!!!!!
xx dance rox xx
re: Splits Training
By J_AdoreDansermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Jul 02, 2004 07:32 AM
Great advice!
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