Posting for my boyfriend (he's starting dance this quarter, yay!)
By LEscrimeurFemme
On 03/31/2004 15:46:48
Ok so I know I'm not supposed to post here but my boyfriend had a question about shoes. I got him to start ballet b/c he needs more flexibility for swimming. He's a bit nervous b/c he's never done anything like this before so:

1 - [B]what to wear?[/B]

A. We're working on shoes right now. I'm attempting to order the canvas romeo ballet shoe for him from but it's discontinued and they don't have a huge stock. His size is 10 1/2 W in Capezio (we went to the dance store to fit him today). If they're out of stock, anyone got sizing advice for his shoe size? We're trying to buy canvas b/c we're working on a college student budget. I told him not to wear socks b/c he wears medium weight socks and he wont be able to feel the floor with those on, at least I can't. Also I'm avoiding Sansha's b/c their canvas shoes feel lumpy and thick underneath the toes. The local place only carried Bloch and Capezio.

B. I'll assume t-shirt and short are ok? Like I said, it's a really laid back college class and I've got a snowball's chance in hell when it comes to coaxing him into a pair of tights.

2 - [B]The Psychological Aspects of Dance[/B]

So he agreed to do a dance class with me but after he saw me doing the NYCB Workout II, he told me "I can't keep a straight face if I have to do that." I've told him that a male dancer is a very powerful character and that everything he does requires precise muscle control. It's a lot harder than going into the gym and benching like he does every morning IMO. I want to make his first dance experience traumatic-less (bad grammar) as possible. What else should I tell him? He's almost 21 so he's a pretty late starter. I don't know if I can get him to continue if he doesn't like it the first time but I'd really like him to b/c he could really use the flexibility and toning b/c he lifts a lot.

Random stats:
[u]height[/u]: ~ 5'7" or 8" (I heard Baryshnikov was about that height)
[u]weight[/u]: ~XXX lbs
[u]shoe size[/u]: 10.5W in Capezio Romeo Ballet Slippers, 10.5 - 11 in street shoe


Sorry for the long post and any help is appreciated!

Thanks a million,
re: Posting for my boyfriend (he's starting dance this quarter, yay!)
By MizunoTenshi
On 04/01/2004 18:06:18
Well, for a lot of the REALLY laid back college classes, they'll let students do a few classes with just thick socks on.
I'd suggest showing him some videos of some really athletic male dancers. Also, you could try and get him into jazz, too.
T-shirt and shorts should be fine. Heck, a lot of teachers would let guys come in sweatpants, just to get them in. Tights will be a bit down the road. But remember, tell him it would make you really, really happy to see him do this. ;) And that you'd like to see him in tights someday. hehehe.... it should work.
Talk with the class teacher a little bit, too. And remember to tell him that while the stuff he does to start off may seem pretty silly, it's the only way to do the cool stuff.

re: Posting for my boyfriend (he's starting dance this quarter, yay!)
By LEscrimeurFemme
On 06/05/2004 01:55:40
Thanks for the comments Mohabee - that is a picture of my boyfriend, Erik.

We're in finals week right before vacation right now and we don't have a ballet final since it is a PE class. He did amazingly well this quarter and was very open to it. He ended up just wearing boardshorts or pajama pants most of the time b/c everything else he owns is jeans.

He is AMAZING jumper though. I guess it's from his swimming background. Our teacher actually had him and the other 4 guys in our class (there were only 2 left by the end of the quarter) separate from the girls during jumps b/c he jumped so high that the music had to be slowed down lest he jump out of time. Since it was a beginning class, the last jump we learned was the sissone. We both started in the first line and by the third jump, he was 5 feet in front of everyone else! He has a hard time with counts though, it took me forever to teach him the waltz step. He plays a lot of heavy metal style guitar but he really hasn't developed a sense of rhythm sadly.

I am sad that he doesn't want to do it anymore mostly b/c all the sweating is bad for his skin :(. He's still considering coming back but that will take a lot of coaxing. Perhaps fall and winter quarter when the studio isn't so warm.

Love always,

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