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re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread..... (karma: 1)
By PrincessBPremium member
On Sun Jun 13, 2004 11:42 PM
Well this is a vent that i will be using often..

Staff and other employees...
- You hate my guts but when it comes to substituing your class for you, you are sweet as pie.. and I'm not buying it.

- to another teacher... we team teach together, I give you at least half the choreography, music ideas... but it is all your work and the class is "your class" not "our class" and you are the teacher and you made up the whole choreography...

- We team teach together, yet at all the extra practices when i have to teach another group the kids wish I was there becuase you are yelling at them and making them feel like crap.. sometimes justified sometimes not, but don't make the girls feel like they are crap cause they aren't you can say it in a different way without bringing the whole class down.

- Yes we team teach together, yes we are good friends.. but I am the owners personal assistant not yours so don't ask me to do your b**ch work for you.. One person is more than enough thank you...

-Why is it that only two people can answer the phone and return calls and the rest of the 10 people on the staff can't? Lazy can we say? Yes.

- Not only am I dance teacher, office aid, personal assistant, but I also am the one that cleans the studio because the rest of the staff is too good to help out and take initative to clean it as well.

-If Saturday morning extra practices two saturdays are too much for you... don't tryout for a competition team...

-If you wonder why your class isn't improving and you aren't scoring well at competition.... look at how you are in class.. you practice how you perform..

- if you don't want to be here... please do us all a favor and don't

-Wow.. so and so is so good I wish i could be like that, but that will never happen... yup with that attitude it won't.. And i'm sick of hearing it so get off your lazy butt and maybe you can be just as good..

- Student with no heart and love for dance... why are you here again?

- I arrive early to prepare myself and get ready for class.. that doesn't mean i'm your babysitter...

- Class ends at such and such time... yes we do run a little over time some times but not 30 minutes later... and i'm not your babysitter and I do have other things to do...

- You are on a competition team but does that mean i have to attend all competitions too?

-your sick, oh you hurt your wrist? you have a headache, you have a hangnail? two weeks in a row? cry a me a river, build a bridge and get over it... or go to hollywood and try your act there....

Its great to get all of this out.. thanks!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By HighKickDancer
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 04:49 AM
Alright I'm not a teacher-I'm a parent. I can sympathize with you. My daughter's been at the same school for 5 years and she takes 3 classes with 6 different teachers. My daughter competes in solos in Irish dance.
I have seen it all too. Here's what I have learned:
1. We are NEVER late to class but I've seen some late every
class-and the class was at 9am on Sat 1st one of the day--if
you can't get your and your daughters butts out of bed don't
take that class. One time this past year we were late to class
but it was because we had to go between 2 studios and the 1st
teacher kept them late. The teacher of the 2nd class told the
girls when they went in "you're late". Nobody is late to this
teachers class. The other teachers make no comments about the late ones.

2. I am tired of the mothers who are at the teacher everyweek
after class. How could you possibly have that many questions?
I rerely ask the teachers questions but when I do they are
very importent. I think the teachers must cringe when they see
this mom coming over again. Kissing up to the teacher does not
help your daughter. I would think it could hurt her.

3. The dancers are expected to practice at least an hour a day
at home every day. Some don't and that sets back the whole
class. I've never seen the teachers say anything to them but I
hear they do. I heard one of the teachers told one of the
dancers if she couldn't practice perhaps it was time for a new

4. Most dancers wear the proper practice attire with hair back
because if they don't they will be spoken to.

5. I have heard one mom complain about the teachers, steps,
school-she doesn't think one of her daughters is learning fast
enough. Well the teachers have bent over backwards for her
(extra lessons for the daughter, ect) (she's also the one who
is constantly asking questions)If you don't like something or
don't think your daughter's being taught leave.

In general I think I'm a good dancers mom at least I try. My hats off to my daughters teachers and all you teachers for putting up with all of the stuff we parents do.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By tumblebugPremium member
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 09:13 AM
Thank you for posting. I was hoping we were not upseting any good dance parents out there!!!!

I would like to comment on something you said.....the one parent who asks questions every single week. I have that. I don't know what to do about it either. I lost two students because she will not stop talking and one of my classes started five minutes late because of it. I have told her politely that I have to begin my class and try to walk away, but she just follows me. We made a rule to where teachers are no longer available before class, but she ignores it. I'm at my wits end with this one!!!
Vent!!! The teacher's venting thread.......
By missdancediva
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 09:33 AM
Dear Tumblebug,
I know what this feels like. I would tell her that you need
to set up an appointment after hours to speak with me. I can not
speak with you now.
If that does not work I would have the owner speak with the
mom. I would have the owner go over all the rules of this gym.
I would also have the owner tell the mom why she can't speak
with you when classes need to be started which is practially com-mon sense and if she can't follow these simple rules she and her daughter can leave.
I hope I helped you out a little.

Love, Peace, and Pointe Those Toes,
~Charlotte L. Hlavac~
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By tinydancr319
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 09:09 PM
This is a great way to get out your frustration!! This is some of the stuff that bugs me in class:

I have one some girls in one of my classes that are very cliquey....and they never listen...ever! When I finally said something all the parents complained! It's like they are promoting their kids to act bad!
Another student has a tendency to tell some lies. I had recently covered a class for another teacher and was teaching the girls the opening number. I have the same girls in my class right before the other class so they covered the opening in my class also. The following week, we had a rehearsal and the girls told the other teacher that I had never taught them the opening. Furthermore they told one of the owners of the studio that I told them they stunk and should quit! Thankfully the owner has known me for 11 years and didn't believe a word of it.
I can't believe some of these students!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By modernlady
On Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:39 PM
my biggest teaching pet peeve:

stage moms. Not just moms, but the "i never got to be the dancer I wanted to be so therefore I'm going to force my little heathen child into dance class whether she likes it or not, no matter how much she drives the teacher and other students crazy, so that I can live vicariously through her" type stage moms. And it's always their kid who is horrible in class, and you can tell doens't REALLY want to be there, and/or doesn't have much talent, and then it's OF COURSE your fault or the studio owners fault that the child isn't "progressing well". It's not that they missed 5 classes in the past 3 months, or that they NEVER pay attention in class, oh no.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By divadivadancer
On Tue Jun 15, 2004 07:49 PM
Ok new vent for me.....

Tonight (tuesday) is one of our easier nights. Starts out with preschoolers then ends with beginner jazz. At my studio, my partner and I teach ALL classes together. 2 teachers in every class is sorta our motto. So anyways... during the summer we have lots of kids that miss A LOT due to other activities or vacation. So tonight after our 8 preschoolers is a class with 4 tappers then we go to 6 in ballet then 6 in beginner jazz. well tonight was as follows... 6 preschoolers, 1 tapper, 1 ballet, and 1 jazz (ballet and jazz girl were same).

As tap class proceeds to end and ballet starts, we were chatting with the parent. No big deal. But I thought my partner would take the lead and start the ballet, since ballet is more her thing and she sorta prides herself on it. 15 min pass... I repeat 15 MINUTES pass and she wasnt moving.. so I start the class. Then we roll into jazz, thinking she would come in and give some input on what to have the 1 girl due as I was running out of ideas and the girl was getting bored. ALL night she sat up front in lobby and chatted with parent and looked at paper and basicly did NOTHING!!! Happens all the time. I am the one teaching while she is the talking to parents.. which would be fine if she would tell them things they need to know. She talks about weather and gossip really, nothing pertaining to the studio. So tomorrow night (wednesday) is an important night. It starts with our competition class and goes to intermediate jazz and ends with advanced acro... As I have vowed to NEVER EVER EVER miss this night cause it is the most important.. I finally gave in. I am not going to class tomorrow night. I know I will regret it dance wise. As this is our competition class first year and most of them have never danced in their life and on top of it they are doing hip hop. My partner is not how shall I say... gifted with the hip hop moves. So I pride myself on it as she does with ballet. All the kids know this. My biggest fear is that I am going to see the class next week when they meet and see nothing but pure hell. She is never in that class and doesnt really know what they are to be doing.

So I guess what I am leading to is... I am the one that has to teach at the studio 4 nights a week. I have never missed a class or a night. I am there when I need to be and put forth the extra effort. If I dont teach a solo I always make sure I know what the child is to be doing in case I have to cover. She has missed numerous nights due to dentist appointments or other things. So I am fed up and I am doing something I said I would never do... Taking the most important night off at the studio... as I have things I need to get done at home.

Ok I feel much much better... hope everyone follows that and its not to long.. lol

re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By Dream_chaserPremium member
On Wed Jun 16, 2004 12:48 AM
Well I think ou all covered all of my vents but most are former vents because I have gotten tough and BOY does it make the difference!!! Good thread.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By tumblebugPremium member
On Wed Jun 16, 2004 09:24 AM
That's why I backed out of the partnership I started to go into. My potential partner is my assistant instructor right now, but she wishes to be made a "co-head". She is late to every practice, sometimes as much as a half hour. When she comes in, she strolls in like she is early rather than late and talks to all of the parents about whatever (but its never about class). Then she stands there and eats her breakfast or dinner and tries to gossip with me while I am instructing class. Lately I have been ignoring her to see if she will take the hint. She won't jump in and 'assist' or teach anything unless I give her specific instructions. Then half the time I look over and she is talking with the girls rather than instructing. The parents all love her (because she gossips with them) and can't understand my problems with her. When they win a competition she gets credit (when she never did anything. i have coached them for 5 years and she has been there less than a year and was only supposed to assist with my maternity leave but kinda stuck around). The organization I work for won't fire her because we have to have a backup instructor for each class and she is the only backup. I'm sick of her not doing anything. UGH!
Comment to VENT!!! The teacher's venting thread......
By missdancediva
On Wed Jun 16, 2004 02:12 PM
One of teachers that I assist teach with is so like that. She calls me ten minutes before dance class is to start and says can you do this and that.

I finally put my foot down last monday. I was busy selling tickets for the dance recital so I did have an excuse. I said no I can't because I am taking care of stuff for the owner and the
dance recital.

Make a long story short she was very rude to me during the dress rehersal and the dance recital. Hey I tried to be nice and she took advantage.

Love, Peace, and Pointe Those Twinkle Toes,
~Charlotte L. Hlavac~
VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By moabcricketmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Jun 20, 2004 09:35 PM

* Show up to Nationals with the right clothes. At least try. <i>But I had a headache when I was packing</i>

* You don't know the dance? and you want me to teach you when?

* Parent: I had to pay blah blah blah to get in here, I'm not cleaning up, let them hire a janitor <i>dirty diapers, pop cans, paper with gross cheese laying on the floors between the bleachers</i>! <b>We are a team - our part of the stands WILL be left clean - and everyone is required to pick up after themselves</b>!!

* Parent: How come I didn't get directions to the school, maybe if I did we wouldn't be late (Try reading the monthly newsletter, or notes, or bullentine board)!!!!!!

* Parent: Well, we just left for an hour to get lunch <i>its really 4 hours later</i>. The dancer isn't dressed and the team is to perform within minutes. Hello! Is anyone home?

* 5678 "Classic" Thank You, that was so good!

* Parent: Parents please, when a young dancer is venting to you about another dancers lack of this or that - try not to copy that attitude by passing on that information. There is nothing like a pack of parents with the WRONG information coming out of their mouths to destroy a young person. Every story is two sided, sometimes three.

* Large Teams that pack the smaller categories to get more points. They split their larger teams up and make 2 or more smaller teams and place them all in the <b>same category</b>. They use this to get past the <b>age and size limitations</b>. Small teams with relatively younger dancers on them don't stand a chance. ABCDE - It's a cheat.

* Parents: If your kids are on the top floor above mine or next door, and they slam the motel door all night and run up and down the halls, and jump on the floors, grrrr ...... I don't care if it is your only vacation - it could be mine too! <i> Competition doors open at 9:00 am - I have to be there at 7:00 thank you very much.</i>. Yes, I will call the motel desk.

* If your younger child would reframe from putting the paper towels in the toliets at competition that would be great. Oh by the way, security is called when you bring out the firecraker poppers, and send your children out side to play with them.

* My cell phone is for emergencies only please. I don't want to talk about who's on the team next year as I'm driving home from competition (600 miles away).

As you can tell - we just returned from competition. It's already started! :)
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By danzfanatik
On Mon Jun 21, 2004 08:16 AM
Oh Moabcricket!
I feel for you! Competition can be the worst! Hang in there!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By Dream_chaserPremium member
On Mon Jun 21, 2004 08:33 AM
MY BIGGEST PEEVE!!!! Kids who miss a class, important rehearsal or event and lie about it BUT the parent who backs them up!! Sure, teach your kids to lie when they want something! AND WORSE... lying AGAIN when caught!!!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By tumblebugPremium member
On Mon Jun 21, 2004 05:56 PM
New Vent New Vent, lol, I love this thread!!!

"What do you mean nationals is the first weekend of next month? We are going to ex; Florida, Cedar Point, Myrtle Beach that weekend. Why didn't you tell us? Well, we're not going." Yes, I am serious. I've had three moms tell me this. The competition schedule has been handed out at every parents meeting and mailed to every house like a thousand times. It's all the kids have been talking about, but yet, no one has been informed??? Unfortunately, we have been registered, so we have to pay and if everyone doesn't show up we get disqualified. I am so sick of parents I could scream!!!! I love the moms who actually are dedicated!!! Where are you???
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By susu
On Tue Jun 22, 2004 02:51 PM
I am so aggrevated with the teacher that I hired. We just had recital and she didn't show up at dress rehearsal or any othe extra practices. She is so fired next year. Then a few days ago...she calls wanting to kno if she can borrow one of my costumes that I paid over a grand for because she doesn't like the costu eme that she ordered. I'll help anybody in any way I can because that is what kind of person I am, but don't makemy life difficult and then come asking for favors. The other thing that aggrevates me about recitals is if you pay the fees, and pay for the costume, shouldn't the all the parents care enough to be 200% sure that their kid shows up early and for the dress rehearsal and for the extra practices that are FREE. I just don't understand what goes through these people's heads. I kno that not everyone wants to be a professional dancer, but have a little bit of pride in what your kid has worked for and what you've paid for to be sure that your kid has something that they can be proud of later in life instead of laugh at.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By divadivadancer
On Tue Jun 22, 2004 08:11 PM
My newest vent.... (has a couple of things tied to it)

We or should I say, I am offering extra practice to our comp class that has never done it before. This will be there first year and I am trying to cram as much in their brains as possible and throw in any extra practice. They meet mon and tues for 2 hour during the day each day and then have there normal night practice on wed and thur for an hour each night. Mon was a trial day.. 3 of the 5 girls show up and 1 of the 3 was complaining the whole time... I made them do ballet for the first time basically. She complained that she hates ballet and this is exactly why she does dance and gymnastics and not ballet, its soooo boring, is this over yet, i hate this, its so simple. (if it was so simple then why didnt she do it right???) So I proceed to tell her that ballet is dance. DUHHH!!!!! and she proceeds to tell me, "Well then I will just quit dance!" AHHHH Im gonna pull my hair out!!! How can a student not see that jazz/hip hop is a form of ballet?? They all tie together. So the rest of the class she whined and complained and i finally told her she was the worst student we had to complain and yet she was in the comp class. Well that seemed to calm her for the rest of the day... WEll today she didnt even bother to show up nor call and say she wasnt coming.. UUMMMMMMM HELLOOOOO this extra FREE practice is for u and ur sorry A**!!! This is so when u get up on stage, u wont look like the fool u do in class. I just dont know how to get it across to these kids that if they want to do this then they need to put forth a little more effort not attitude. How is it fair to the other girls that come to the extra practices and get better then her and then we have to repeat everything we went over when she was not there. Granted she is good at picking up steps the first time i show her, BUT still that is not the point. She wanted to dance and her mom wanted her to start competeing, but i dont think they both realize how much of an effort it will take.

How did everyone else get students and parents who had never competed introduced into the competition spot light????? Please any pointers on this matter would help. Oh and one of the others parents is more concered about family time and going to the lake on the weekends!!

Did I mention the problem child is 13?? I know thats most of the problem, but someone has to have some pointers out there???

please help me from pulling my hair out....
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By tumblebugPremium member
On Tue Jun 22, 2004 09:55 PM
I know exactly what you mean. Our team was new last year and the parents all expected the coaches to produce a 'winning' team, but they never wanted to bring their daughters to practice. Go figure! Oh and at least half of my class goes to the lake every weekend too and we have practice on Saturdays. so annoying!!!!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By divadivadancer
On Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:51 AM
"Why are we the only class that has all these extra practices and how come we have to come so often now?"

Problem childs question to me last night. My response.... "Because you girls are going to be competeing and I am trying to cram as much in your brain as possible and get it all together." UMMM HELLOOOO common sense!!!!!

She was early to her first class last night and has a 45 min break then comes back for next class. She was late to her last class by 10 min and brought a FREAKIN milkshake and chips w/cheese with her to class. GRRRR !!!!!!! and she wondered why she didnt do very well. I told her I didnt want to hear her complain about her belly hurting or anything else.

Can I hang this child by her toenails yet????
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By angdancer
On Fri Jun 25, 2004 07:47 AM
I have the same problem with students until they went to thier first competition. It was quite a hard comp with lots of talented dancers and a convention as well. Boy were they overwelmed. Needless to say I have no problem with these girls anymore. They actually asked me to be harder on them!! I had no problem being harder, but the funny thing is when I tried before competition they would complain, and whine, and one girl even told her mom I was too hard on them. Well How about a bit I TOLD YOU SO! Hopefully your students will see competition and it will motivate them to work harder. If not put your foot down and set rules. I even have a push up rule when I hear the word I can't and Thats too hard. All of the parents know about it and I have no complaints when I use it. Which is never anymore.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By angelabbda
On Fri Jun 25, 2004 12:30 PM
Wow.... do we love what we do??? I often times wonder why some people choose to teach dance for so many years, make minimal money and put up with so much crap! I have been in this business for 15 years and as a studio owner have come to the conclusion that you set the rules, stick to your guns and dont take it personal when someone chooses to go elsewhere.

People love to B*$CH! It is human nature.......but I tell ya, reverse psychology is the best way to handle the perpetual bi*chers.... and you have to pick and choose your battles. Is it really worth beating your head up against a brick wall to someone who is going to do what they want anyway. We all know how to get rid of someone who continually causes problems....demote them to a lower class, works every time! And if they are causing you that many problems, their $50 per month is not worth it!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By imadanseurPremium member
On Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:45 PM
We had people miss their picture times, dress rehearsal times, and almost miss competition numbers because they do not believe us when we say to be there at least 30 minutes before the picture and dress rehearsal time and at least 1 hour before any competiton time. People always figure we will run late, or we will wait. If the picture time says 2:00 we snap the picture at 2:00...not get the girls lined up and figure out poses for 15 minutes!!!! Don't come crying to me because Susie missed her pictures. I had 10 other people here and ready on time. I am not making everyone run late because of you, your kid, and your unorganized life!

Oh I feel much better now.
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By scdance
On Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:06 AM
Edited by scdance (53520) on 2004-06-26 10:08:03
Edited by scdance (53520) on 2004-06-26 10:09:47
Just finished for the summer thank god what a nightmare this year sick to death of some of the parents its soooo hard not to take it personal but i ve decided to grow thick skin NEXT session and stop bending over backwards for some of them and their kids.
1. im expected to work miracles with their little angels who haven t been to all there classes as they cannot be bothered to come some weeks then have the cheek to say that they have not improved lol YES YOU ARE RIGHT they haven t but everyone else has they attend regularly
ALSO SICK OF parents calling at the last minute to see if i could drop there kids home on the way due to some reason this is become a regular thing

2. provide all their costumes for next to nothing lol i had a parent who refused to allow her daughter to take part in her dances as she was not willing to pay £9 IN TOTAL to hire her costumes erm im not a charity but she thinks its terrible that i charge her to let her daughter wear them as i have them already SORRY but yes i do but i paid alot more for them and i will continue to hire it out year after year so that i can use the money to buy a new stock of costumes to add to the wardrobe

3. mums who complain that their star is at that the back of the stage TOUGH maybe they should put more effort into their dancing or attend regularly not when they feel like it

4.parents not bringing costumes on show night and wonder why there kid is not on stage with the rest or expect everyone to dance to their tune as things don t suit them everyone else managed

5. In the process on putting together a performing troupe mums moaning about the cost already [not started training yet ] how they will get there [not my problem]
and one has started fundraising already [what for ]

I have decided to get tough as i was considering packing it all in but why should i stop doing something i love
so my new motto is sorry you feel that way but thats the way things are for such reasons and i hope you can find a new school that can cater to your needs where so and so are just as happy with a big smile on my face.

Thanks i feel better now until the phone goes ! lol

Dancers do it better !
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By dancedeb
On Tue Jun 29, 2004 12:04 PM
Wonder who she thinks would be doing the work if you quit?!
vent! (karma: 1)
By Lisa_Kim
On Wed Jun 30, 2004 08:14 AM
I won't even get started on venting...I am so exhausted from the recital I feel like quitting this stupid business. If people would just do what you FREAKIN' ASK THEM TO DO!!!!!!! life would be so much easier.
My question is for all who have competition teams:
Is it worth it?
My studio is a recreational type studio, but some students are trying to talk me into competing. I've been to so many conventions & watched the competitions. I've sat & wondered: how in the heck do these teachers get the dedication out of people? I barely get them in once a week for lessons!!!
thanks for the good laughs from this posting! aren't people NUTS?! we all share the same pain. what kills me is that parents will jump through hoops of fire for the soccer or basketball coaches who call them the night before to change their schedule, then don't show up for my rehearsal that's been scheduled since SEPTEMBER!!!! then want me to re-schedule dance rehearsal. oh don't get me started!
re: VENT!!!The teacher's venting thread.....
By divadivadancer
On Wed Jun 30, 2004 09:29 AM
Kicks that is a great ? you should make a post of it. I would also like to know the answer to it. I get the same crap.. well softball ran over or I have to take the summer off due to soccer. DRIVES ME NUTS!!

Now I can sorta answer ur ? I had my class of 5 girls approach me before summer started and before our Revue, about doing competitions. So I was like yeah ok whatever. They kept bugging me and bugging me so I finally gave in. Cracked the whip on them, threw in 2 extra practices a week for 2 hours a day and it is only our 3rd week at doing it and guess how many have come to class EVERYTIME????? 2!! Thats it. The others say.. well so and so was over.. I was swimming.. I have to go to the lake this weekend... I dont want to cause were doing ballet. So now we must sit down with these kids and their parents and explain to them that this is not being done for my health or just cause I have nothing better to do with my day then sit at the studio for 2 hours cause they didnt show up.

Thats where I am at with it so far. So I would like to know .. HOW THE HECK DO U PEOPLE GET THEM IN THE STUDIO MORE??????

Wonderful question Kicks5678!!!
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