What is a male ballet dancer called?
By Ker_Bear87
On 06/15/2004 01:19:25
Hello! I'm sorry I know this is such a ditzy question, but in my town, we don't have any male dancers.. so I was just curious to know, if there is a name for male ballet dancers? Once again I am sorry this is such a stupid question but someone asked me, and it's been bugging me since I have no clue!

Thanks alot!:)

Keep on dancing!:)
tricky one
By I_wore_tights
On 06/15/2004 08:07:13
After 4 years in a proffesional ballet training problem I still don't have a definatiive answer to that one. I have heard balladeere, ballerino, danseur, balleron. Usually we just stuck with male ballet danser.
Thanks! :)
By Ker_Bear87
On 06/15/2004 11:06:12
Thanks everyone for your responses! I'm surprised that there isnt a definate name for male ballet dancers. I completly agree with Kianro!!! The new name for guy dancers should be perfection!! The only time I've seen male dancers was at a dance competition a few months ago in Edmonton, and I was sitting in awe of how high they could jump and the beauty of their moves! They made everything seem so effortless even though they were jumping twice as high as us girls! It shows how hard work pays off!

Thanks again for the responses! :)
re: What is a male ballet dancer called?
By maledancer16
On 06/16/2004 12:06:58
I was woundering the same question and I did a little research on the matter. I have been studing spanish an from my knowledge of latin it seemed that ballerino was the best way to say male ballet dancer. Opon doing fearhter research I found the the title ballerina was originaly used (and in many companys still used) only by the top ballet dancer. The title Danseur is the title for the male partner of the Ballerina. So it seems to me that if any female who dances ballet is now called a ballerina then any male shoud be called a danseur. As for balladeere, and balleron, I havn't heard of those titles befor now, they seem to make sence. I will do some more research on them.

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