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Please tell a little about yourself teachers.... (karma: 5)
By divadivadancer
On Mon Aug 30, 2004 07:18 PM
Made sticky by imadanseur (79325) on 2004-09-01 15:05:33

I see all these post about .. What is your studio like? Where is it at? .. stuff like that. how about this time we have a post about Teachers. Everyone just give a little story on yourself. You can talk forever if you like or just make it to the point. Please include some of the following things; your name, name of studio, your age, how long you have been teacing, what styles you teach, how you learned, if you danced before, if so what you took, who inspired you, And do you remember your first dance teacher? If you would like to include anything else go ahead or if you would like to not include some of the things listed feel free. I am just interested to hear some of the storys behind all these people that post.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!!!!!

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re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By MsJoy
On Mon Aug 30, 2004 09:03 PM
My name is JOY. I am from Dallas Texas. I am 22 years old and i have been teaching for about 6 going on 7 years. I have been dancing since I was three. I have danced, ballet, tap, jazz, clogging, lyrical, hip hop, and pointe. I have taught at least a year in all those catagories.....I have taught ages 1-45. My passion is teaching the young ones. 7 and under. It is so much fun. I have always loved children. I have 10 older brothers and sisters who gve me 24 nieces and nephews. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have taken some dance classes in college, however, my major is Education/pyschology. I am in pursuit of my Masters in Education and my Ph.D in child psychology. I first knew I loved teaching when i turned 15. It had been a year since my mom died and I had 150% imersed myself into dancing. I was old enough to be come a "Teacher in Training" T-I-T on our time cards. :) I wrote a letter to my teacher/second mom/studio owner. She hired me that year. I was petrified my first class. They were 4-5 dancing to "baby face". I had to SING!!!! OMG it was so embarrasing. I eventually got over it though. After a year I had become a "wanted" teacher. Kids wouldn't come to class unless I was in there. When I was 18 I became a T-O-O-T a "teacher out of training" What a year that was so much fun.......I fell in love with the students, but out of love with my studio. My dance teacher resigned as owner and just continued as a regular teacher. She was a T-A-T "Teacher of All Teachers".....The studio changed hands and politics created a very ugly money hungry monster! I had to leave. So I did. I left and became a teacher at a studio about an hour away. I love it there and I love my students......I never planned for this to be my career but I can't see myself not teaching......I've had a blast.

Good post!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Austappermember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Aug 30, 2004 09:39 PM
What a GREAT idea!

My name is Miranda and I recently turned 22.

I teach for a large suburban studio in Melbourne, Australia. This is my second year of teaching (after 5 years of assisting) and I absolutely LOVE it. I just took my first teachers exam on Friday, which was an absolutely mammoth task but (fingers and toes crossed of course) if I pass, I will be a qualified to teach the Australian Teachers of Dancing junior syllabus.
I currently teach junior ballet and tap and also take intermediate and advanced students for private lessons.

One of the best things about teaching for my studio is my studio owner and fellow teachers. We are incredibly close knit and great friends so the communication, understanding, support and most importantly respect we give each other is just amazing, and makes for a wonderful atmosphere. Our parents and students always comment on what a fantastic environment our school is to be part of, and that all stems from such a dedicated team of teachers.

I have danced myself since I was 5 years old, taking ballet, tap, jazz, character, funk/hip hop. I was never destined for a career in the ballet world although I had all the passion and application in the world for it. I wanted to get into the commercial dancing industry also, but after a series of injuries, it's become fairly clear that it's not going to happen. :( I still most definitely take classes however. I take senior classes at the studio I teach for and casual classes from the big professional studios in my city as it's always good keep up with current choreography.

I do remember my first ballet teacher, but only as being kind and helpful. Unfortunately, I remember all to clearly the studio owner who would be my teacher in the couple of years after, and she was frightening. She constantly screamed at her students and had no patience with those who weren't perfect. It was not a nice environment to say the least.

I would have to say my biggest inspirations as a teacher would be my studio owner and my current ballet teacher. The support and assistance I get from her is indispensable and I often think I would be the happiest person on earth if I was just half the person she is. My current ballet teacher is also incredible. She is an ex-prima ballerina and I learn so much from her both as a student and a teacher.

Gosh looking back I have warbled on SO MUCH! I guess I just love teaching so much I just can't stop talking about it!!! :D
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By MrsFinnigan
On Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:49 PM
I'm Mrs. Finnigan, and I run Scoil Rince na hEasan, a small Irish dance school in eastern Idaho. I'd been formally teaching for 4 years, though the schools I'd taken from encouraged students to help each other out, so I got a lot of coaching experience in before actually teaching. I'd been doing Irish dance for 22 years. I'd taken a bit of ballet and baton prior to starting Irish dance. I don't remember much of my first dance teacher, who taught ballet and jazz, but my first Irish dance teacher was my teacher for about 13 years. She could be a bit of a drill seargeant, but she would literally go hundreds of miles out of her way to help her dancers. I still look up to her and occassionally call her for advice.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancedeb
On Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:29 PM
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I'm Deb from Mississippi and my studio has been in business since 1962, when my Mother started it. I went to college for awhile in the 70's and finally figured out that Party 101 was NOT a degree choice! I had been helping Mom and doing her books since junior high school and it had grown so that she needed more help, and things just evolved from there. So in a way I think IT chose ME although I must have always known on some level that this is what I would be doing. I can't imagine doing anything else and don't want to; have been at it (teaching) for 33 years and dancing since age 4. I don't remember my first teacher; that was so long ago and we were stationed in England at the time. Our studio teaches ages 3 and up: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, cheer, acro/tumbling,baton, and pointe and plan to add some adult/senior classes later this fall. Tap is my real love and I let the young ones teach the hip hop. We have 2 main associate teachers who are great, a baton teacher, and a couple of student assistants and this year so far have enrolled about 125 students. Also for the first time this year we have a full-time office manager/bookkeeper. I don't have the desire to grow the business any larger really, as like to keep a personal relationship with everyone and my household is not dependent on my income as it was in the early years when my husband was in school. The studio has been such a mjor part of my life and it's definitely in the blood, or genes or whatever. I think about retiring every year (at recital time...don't we all?!) but just can't seem to turn it loose and will probably continue until there is a compelling reason not to, such as when my full-time associate instrctor graduates from college and decides she is ready to take over. Oh, MsJoy, I LOVE the T-I-Ts, TOOTs and TAT's!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By BalletBratmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 07:51 AM
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I am Robin from Florida, I am almost 30! Grrr.I am married and have two daughters. By day I work full time as a Real Estate agent, by night I teach ballet to beginners through intermediate dancers and have been teaching for a little over three years now. I haven't danced since I was three, I was a late starter due to being a serious competitive swimmer for many years. I had to give that up because the chlorine was killing me and so was the asthma. After having taken ballet on and off throughout my adolescence and teen years,I finally found a teacher I really adored, she is my mentor and was my inspiration for becoming a teacher.She is a former professional dancer and the greatest technician I have ever known. Her knowledge of ballet technique is truly astounding.

I don't have a college degree in anything. Although I have studied "on my own" for many years.I do plan to take the RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies course in the near future and go back to college, I finally have the direction now I needed when I was 17. Go figure.What I wouldn't give to know then what I know now! LOL

My ultimate goal is to pass my RAD Advanced 2 exam, lose the day job and teach full time. That's my five year plan! :D
This is fun!!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By imadanseurPremium member
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 04:03 PM
Great idea Diva!! I have already learned things I didn't know about some people here...and where they are from.

My name is Renae and I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have been teaching for almost 15 years (including my 2 years of assistant teaching) and dancing since I was 4. I went to college for Dance Therapy, but found out I really loved teaching more than anything. I am a Cecchetti certified teacher, and turned down 2 major professional jobs in a company or show because I do not enjoy performing! I am 30 grrrr...(Robin, I know the dread of saying that number out loud, but you'll get through it!!) and I am a full-time dance teacher. I teach at several studios and teach at a senior citizen recreation center 12 hours during the week to people 55-82 year old. (They have more energy on any given day than I do!!!)

I teach ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and dabble in hip-hop when I have to. My passion is teaching tap because of the wonderful teacher I was first hired by in Phoenix. I had 4 job offers and took hers because it just felt right...and she didn't even offer the most money. Well, turns out it was the best decision I ever made, she knows a million people in the business, has a wonderful reputation, and her name alone got me half of my jobs that I have had. She is the person who taught me how to be a GREAT tap teacher, and to truly LOVE the art of tap dancing and experiment with my own style.

My teacher in South Dakota was monumental in developing my passion for dance. He too knew a lot of people and had 2 guest teachers come out every year for a week long study of jazz and tap master classes and flew in a professional dancer or teacher to set a ballet for us annually. Pretty neat for a town of 25,000 people and no big city to go and take summer intensives. I studied 3 summers in Chicago at various companies, and that is how I got to be where I am today.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By angdancer
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 05:31 PM
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Hi I'm Angela and I am 26 and I live in MI. I've been teaching for 10 years. I started out as a student helper when I was 13 and started teaching begining jazz at 16. i had a wonderful mentor who always told me to be a banker not a teacher. :) I didn't listen to her. I love to teach and choreograph. I am Cecchetti Certified and teach Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop and Lyrical. I prefer jazz, Ballet and Lyrical.

I Recently opened my own studio and I am so excited to do it on my own. Though my husband doesn't considering we cut our income in half to do it. But he supports me and I wouldn't want it any other way. I also have 2 young children. So I guess you could say I'm pretty busy.

As For teaching, I don't think there is any other job in the world that would suit me. And believe me I've tried them all!!! It's nice to see info on the others out there. This is Great!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By missjennifer
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 07:53 PM
Hello all!

My name is Jennifer. I am 23 and I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I have been teaching privately and at studios in my area for 5 years now. I have been dancing since I was 3 and competing since the age of 11 until I was 18. I've done ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, tap and some slasa and meregue. I have even taken some Baroque dance as well as early 17 century court dance.
Luckily my training continued at my university where I did a minor in dance (my major was English).
I have taught ages 3-60(there is quite a large age range of participants at my dance school), but I have to say the age from 6-8 is my favourite to instruct. Presently I am teaching ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. As well as jazz competition classes.
I absolutely love what I do and not because I love the artform of dance but because my kids always try so hard and they really love it. Nothing is more rewarding rthan seeing your kids on stage at the end of the year and to see how they have improved in that short nine month period.
My mother saysI should give it up but I just can't. Dance wwas such a large part of my life and I don't want to let it go. Does that sound selfish? I am at my happiest when I am dancing and I just can't think of it not in some aspect of my life. I even had a job as a dance leader at a summer camp, I couldn't get enough.
Well that is enough for me.

Peace, Love and Luck always,
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Gioiamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 08:09 PM
HEY DIVA, WHERE IS YOUR POST! haha, I would like to know about you! oooh I love this idea! My name is Joy, I am 19 (almost 20!!!) and I teach at a recreational type studio, which is actually very large. I just love my studio, I have been dancing there since I was 3, and I was an assisstant teacher from ages 13 - 17 and I have been teaching there for 2 years now! I go to a small private school where I am majoring in Accounting, and I am lucky enough that another college in town has a great dance program, and I am able to have cross-enrollment and take dance classes there! I teach ballet, tap, jazz this year (level 1, semi-beginner level), but last year I taught intermediate level ballet, jazz, tap, and modern and the past 2 summers I have taught a combo class (5 year old, ballet, tap, tumbling). I love teaching everything!!!! My first dance teacher was my studio owner. I remember dancing to the song "Momma said" and "Castle on a cloud" for my first 2 years there, and I just loved it! My studio owner is like a 2nd mother for me, she is the sweetest lady and she is now 52 years old and she still dances in our openers and finales and she sometimes dances with other adult classes for recital, and she still teaches 18 classes a week! She is such an inspiration to everyone, and she really considers everyone of her students like family, I just cannot say enough about this lady! Anyhow, enough is enough, I just love hearing about everyone, this was a great idea!!!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By divadivadancer
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 09:06 PM
I was waiting to read some others before posting. And it is bed time now. I will be posting tomorrow, cause I plan to talk and talk and talk and talk..... I like to talk a lot.
Telling about self
By pooh2
On Tue Aug 31, 2004 10:05 PM
My name is Linden and I have my studio in Indianapolis, IN. I am 46 years old and have been teaching for 26 years. I teach ballet, jazz, a little tap and a little hiphop. My younger instructors teach most hiphop and becauses I never had much tap I have a stronger tap instructor for my intermediate and advanced kids.
I grew up on classical ballet starting at age 7. My first teacher was Miss Priscilla whom I adored. I just found her last year at a studio in Delaware. I had been hunting her down forever just to thank her for being such an inspiration.
I have taught at many studios up until the year 2000 when I decided to start my own. Very hard work and it takes up all my time but I love it.
By the way I am married, my husband is Jim and we have no children. I figure my 250 students are all the children I need and I can send them home at night.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By tumblebugPremium member
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 07:18 AM
Hello! My name is Leslie and I am 24, been teaching for 9 years. Growing up I participated in; gymnastics, cheerleading, ballet, pointe, jazz, baton, and artistic rollerskating. My teaching career began at 15 when I got an injury in gymnastics. I still came to class so I would not get behind on learning routines, eventhough I couldn't really do much. The coaches began to teach me to spot girls and assist in other ways so I wouldn't get bored. I loved it so much I quit gymnastics and began to volunteer my time to learn as much about teaching as I could. I have worked closely with USA gymnastics to get certified and learn more about the sport I love so much. I have worked for two large gyms in the past, plus a few dance studios. Now I run my own program at a local YW, that is non profit. Most of my students take classes for FREE. I have a competitve team that competes in All Star cheerleading and gymnastics. Next year I will be leaving the YW, and joining up with DIVADIVADANCER, who I met here on and has become a great friend! She shares the same passion I do for teaching and we have the same goals in mind.

Great post! I'm enjoying reading everyone's.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By ShaunY2k3
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 10:25 AM
Hey everyone,

I'm Shaun Adlington, 18 and from Mobile, AL. I just moved their from Yorkshire, in England, to do some work with the USISTD developing the freestyle dance form in the USA.

I started dancing when I was about 9/10, just doing freestyle/disco. Won my first major championship in disco when I was 12. When I was 13 I started doing Ballroom, Latin and Jazz. I love the ballroom and latin, and was an avid competitor, winning a couple of championship titles.

I stopped competing straight after my 17th birthday so I could take my associate teachers exam with the IDTA in freestyle/Disco (got Highly Commended). I have since continued with my exams and I now hold AISTD(F),AIDTA(F.RR.Chl),UKA(AF.ARR.DipChl.DipDEx) qualifications.

I work in the USA travelling around teaching: Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle, Slow Dance, Hip-Hop, Rock 'n' Roll, Cheerleading, Club Dance and Line Dance.

I am also on the DFR committee for the USISTD. My full background story is on www.dancewithshaun . . .

re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By divadivadancer
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:01 PM
Ok now my turn.

My name is Sarah. I have a dance studio in Martinsville, IN. I am 23. I have been teaching since I was 16. Before that I did teachers training for 2 years. I was thrown into the teaching spotlight only after 2 years of teachers training. I finished my last 2 years in teachers training, Teaching. I teach; tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, lyrical, pointe, and hip hop. I have taught all of the above plus; clogging, poms, cheerleading. I started taking dance when i was 11. Before that i did gymnastics, at the age of 5. And i can remember my first coach. His name was Larry. I was one of the top students in class and he would use me and another girl to demonstrate things. They shut the place down, of course i didnt know why i was only a kid. I took a few years off from doing things. I can remember my first dance teacher also. Leah is her name. And i still see her now. She was always my fav, something about her just made u smile. She was so nice and chipper, and pretty, and had a hot boyfriend. LOL

I have had my own studio for 3 years now. And there is a long story behind that. So the short of it is. At my other studio that i got thrown into teacing at. Our 2nd to last year there 2 of the main teachers quit and took over 700 kids with them. One of the teachers was my first teacher, Leah. So our last year at the studio was a rough year and my boss was gonna just shut the place down on the kids. No warning no notice nothing. So i talked her into staying open 1 more month. And July of 2001 was our last month their. In August of 2001 my best friend and I started our own studio. Dont ask how we got it all together in a months time but we did. So ever since Aug of 2001 we have been doing this. I love what i do and my pay check shows i guess. All our $$ is going into the studio for now.

My studio is slowing getting into the competition scene. And we are also slowly starting to lose the older ones to STUPID school sports. And like tumblesnot said. She will be moving here next year to help coach our gymnastics classes and hopefully get some cheerleading going in our studio. She is a great person, and we share so many of the same dreams. We are so much alike its unreal. I love DDN, its the best place to come for help with things, and information, or to just vent.

Thats the story of me. Are u happy now JOY?!?!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By divadivadancer
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:24 PM
I forgot my studios name.... Dancer's Edge Dance Co.......
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By lildeb92
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:48 PM
My name's Debbie from Massachusetts. Not only am I a teacher but also the studio owner and the mother of 4 daughters who i have all taught over the years! I'm still technically 39 (the big 4-0 comes in 20 days). I started dancing when I was 5 with my younger sister and haven't stopped since then. In high school and college i was a cheerleader as well. I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so I just studied dance in college for fun. I met my husband soon after I graduated and we got married a year later (he was already in law school and much more grounded than me). I began teaching dance at a studio near our home and fell in love with it - i finally knew what I wanted to do with my life! I wanted to open a studio, my husband told me I was crazy but when I stuck with the idea he started backing me up. Since he's a lawyer, he helped me a lot with the legal issues involved. My studio basically fell into my lap - an elderly studio owner became very ill and was forced to sell, no one in her family wanted it, nor did the other 2 women who taught with her since it was declining severely in numbers. I took over, gave the studio a makeover and recruited students (all with 2 small children of my own, mind you) and here i am 13 years later!

I love teaching dance and getting to know the girls. I couldn't imagine ever doing anything else. I mostly teach the younger kids now, but that's always been my favorite part anyway. What a great thread this is!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By tangerinetwist
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 06:35 PM
Hi, my name is Suzanne. I teach for two studios in a large Midwest suburban area. I have been teaching full-time for almost 4 years, but I have spent the majority of my post-college life teaching 2-3 hours after my job in the mortgage banking industry. I have a daughter, Lily, who just turned one and we plan on adding to our family in the next couple of years.

I am in my mid-thirties and have been dancing since I was five. My first dance teacher became a very close friend of the family and although my own mom has passed away, my sister and I still refer to her as Grandma. I got to take Lily to visit her during a recent trip home to the eastern border of Iowa.

As Grandma retired when I was 12, the majority of my training was then received by a former member of the Nancy(France) Opera Ballet and her partner who had danced with the Royal Ballet. I went to Butler University for the first two years of my college program, but decided that no job in the dance world would ever be able to pay off four years of student loans at Butler even though I was on half tuition academic scholarship.

I completed my degree at the University of Iowa, studying under Francoise Martinet who was my mentor and inspiration to be a teacher. She is a former Joffery principle dancer and last year received the CORPS de Ballet International(a collegiate teaching organization) lifetime achievement award. Everything she gave me, I am attempting to give my own students. I primarily teach ballet and a few lyrical and modern classes.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Turningpointeda
On Wed Sep 01, 2004 09:07 PM
Hi i'm a studio owner who's 21 years old. Right now I am going into my second year of owning a dance studio a previosly trained at for 15 years prior. My old dance teacher moved away and myself and my friend took over the business. The previous owner ended with 130 students, we brought it up to 180 students our 1st year, and by our second year we are past 200 and still counting. I love my job and I would never trade it for anything else in the world. It is my life, and it unfortunatly and fortunatly it has to be. I don't really get to talk much to younger dance studio owners 18-25 so if anyones out there I would love to hear from you. Maybe we can relate on some issues we face because of our age, or anything else that may come in our way.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By MsJoy
On Thu Sep 02, 2004 10:15 AM
Diva Dancer, I'm not sure if you were asking me as I see there are two JOYS on this thread :) If you were asking me answer is yes...I'm very happy. I have my ups and downs but over all it's a great studio and my boss is a good boss. She's very profesional. Teaching is a great reward.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers.... (karma: 2)
By divadivadancer
On Thu Sep 02, 2004 10:27 AM
LOL.. Sorry wrong Joy. I was referring to Hooray4jj. She asked where my post was. LOL Sorry for the confusion.

I noticed this had been made a sticky.. I have no clue what that means. Only thing I know is that it stays at the top of the page now. LOL so that makes me happy. And if everyone is so impressed with my post.. wheres my karma????? just wondering..
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancedeb
On Thu Sep 02, 2004 10:36 AM
You are so right divadancer; we should all put our money where our mouth is.....karma for you! I clicked the Rate+ button. is that how it's done (karmaa, that is)? I'm still trying to learn my way around the site.
By shimmybridget
On Thu Sep 02, 2004 11:03 PM
Hi, my name is Bridget Halvorson, and I'm 24 years old. My studio is "Bridget's Dance Conservatory," located in Austin Minnesota. I started it 3 years ago with 50 students and now I have around 200. I teach ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, & modern to ages 2 & up. I teach all 20 classes by myself including 20 more private dance lessons/week. We have 3 recitals/year, and compete in 3 competitions/year. I started dancing when I was 4 yrs old, my first & only teacher from age 4-17 was Joyce Matthies, she never inspired me to dance the music does that, and I motivated myself (i've always been self driven.) I went on to study dance (jazz,ballet,modern) at Point Park College in Pittsburgh PA. My favorite teacher their was Ms. Petrov, she helped me believe in myself when I was about to give up she gave me hope. My favorite type of dance is lyrical. I love teaching and sharing the gift of dance with children. Especially with the compeition dancers b/c their so driven, and they really absorb every thing I say. I get the biggest thrill out of seeing the older girls dance like the juniors or seniors b/c their so good, and it makes me feel like, wow I do teach for a reason. When you watch them float across stage dancing better then I ever could. That just makes it all worth it.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By SCBdancer
On Sat Sep 04, 2004 09:17 PM
Hi. I've been teaching part time for 4 years in a pre-pro ballet school. I also perform full time with the company that is affiliated it. My own training was vaganova based, and that is what I teach my students but, I'm always open to trying new things:). Thats why I think that these type of message boards are so great!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By ccdance
On Sat Sep 04, 2004 10:16 PM
I am 27 and have been dancing starting at age 4, have had ballet tap jazz lyrical tumble hip hop drill team modern and pointe and some clogging. taught dance for 7 years and now just opend my dance sutio.
lol guess i am a short to the point person! :)
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