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re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancengroovegirl
On Thu Nov 09, 2006 06:55 PM
My name is Kirstin, Ms Kirstin to my girls, I'm 21 and currently am the studio owner and only dance teacher at my studio in a small (but growing) town- just north of Austin, Texas. This coming February (2007) I will have been in buisness for 2 years. According to my mom I've been dancing since I was born (rocking to music- making up my own dances) I performed (danced, acted, sang) with a performance group from the age of 7- 11 years of age. I also danced on our high school dance team (people from my school know me as the dancer chick- cuz I was so serious about dancing and the others on the team weren't that much). I started teaching dance my Sr year as an assistant, went away to college for a year and learned years of dancing in that one year- I had a great teacher. Came back home- taught for a semester under the studio owner that I assisted for my Senior year, she came to me in January - she was moving and asked if I wanted to take over. Even though she had been open for 3years and owned a studio where she lived previously - I had to completly start from the beggining in the studio (renaming.....) and the teaching (especcially the older girls- no structure and discipline)

I've always known I wanted to teach- since I was 4, used to baby-sit and tutor math (i'll still tutor my high school girls if they are stuggling) all the time. Spent my middle school and high school years going between things and ages I want to teach-- When I was a Junior in High school I knew that I had to teach dance - had a great teacher/director that year and knew that I wouldn't be happy doing any thing else. I AM HAPPY!!!!
I love teaching and playing with my little babies and challenging my preteens and teens. This job is definatly NOT boring.
wanting change!
By xxkymxx
On Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:58 AM
im kym and am 19! over here in UK u have 2 b qualified with an assosiation 2 b allowed 2 teach! i am qualified in freestyle & modern jazz (& ballet soon!) with the IDTA. i wud love 2 move 2 america 2 teach, the standard is so much higher ova there! i dont no how 2 go about it? any ideas? xxx
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By danzlover
On Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:46 PM
Hi all!

I have been a dancer for 23 years. I ahve been a full time teacher for seven years. I began teaching as an assistant when I was 14 years old. I went to a great University where I was a dance major, danced on the dance team and performed in many dance concerts. I the owner of a small dance studio that is growing everyday! I teach ages three through adult. I teach ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, funk/hip hop and musical theatre.
Hi everyone:)
By MissTalia
On Tue Dec 12, 2006 12:07 AM
I'm Natalie from NJ. I am 25 years old and I began my love affair with dance at 14! Before I began dancing I felt like I had passion for nothing. Amazingly, after only three years of training, I was awarded a promising artist award to the University of the Arts. I didn't complete my degree although I consider it often. I received my certificate of qualification from Dance Educators of America in the disciplines of Ballet and Jazz. I have been teaching about 5 years; It's my main job and my life. I work for several studios and aspire to one day open my own school (far from anyone I've worked for). My family is very encouraging of my dream. I think DDN is an awesome resource for us teachers where else could we find people who actually understand our dance terminology!
Hi everyone:)
By MissTalia
On Tue Dec 12, 2006 12:08 AM
Edited by MissTalia (101138) on 2006-12-12 00:12:41
I'm Natalie from NJ. I am 25 years old and I began my love affair with dance at 14! Before I began dancing I felt like I had passion for nothing. Amazingly, after only three years of training, I was awarded a promising artist award to the University of the Arts. I didn't complete my degree although I consider it often. I received my certificate of qualification from Dance Educators of America in the disciplines of Ballet and Jazz. I have been teaching about 5 years; It's my main job and my life. I work for several studios and aspire to one day open my own school (far from anyone I've worked for). My family is very encouraging of my dream. I think DDN is an awesome resource for us teachers where else could we find people who actually understand our dance terminology!

P.S. I teach Ballet, creative movement, Modern, Lyrical, tap, Jazz. All levels, but mostly competitive classes.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By redheadballerina
On Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:55 PM
My name is Laurel, I am 24, I have been teaching for 9 years, and this is my 4th at Style Dance Academy in Greenwood, IN. I love it there, kids are great really hard workers when they put their minds to it, and incredibly sincere people. I love the studio most because it is a non-toxic atmosphere. There are so many studios where there is all manner of back stabbing and gossiping going on, and we have our share of gossip (Can't live without it!) but it is all in good spirits. I teach mostly ballet, but also, lyrical, tap, jazz, pointe, partnering, and Tot-Dance. I also do a couple of solos every year. I grew up on ballet alone, (YAY BALLET!!) I took for 10 years that Ellen Schipper's Classical Ballet Studio in Santa Barbara, CA. I came to Indiana to go to Butler and get my BA in Dance pedagogy. Then I met this really nice guy, and we got married, so this is where I stayed. I remember Mrs. Schipper very well, especially how she used to look at me over the rims of her glasses and say, "Laurel, sometimes I wonder about you." Which usually meant I had just done something stupid...again. I still go visit her when I am in town.
That's me!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By princesstutu78
On Sun Dec 17, 2006 04:25 PM
Hi everyone,
My name is Mary and I am from Manchester,UK. I have been teaching for the past 5 years but opened up my own studio in January 2006. So we are now coming to the and of our very first year and we finished it with our first annual school show which went really well. I can not describe how happy it makes me to know that all the hard work and sleepless nights have paid off. Eventhough its been probably the most tiring year ever, it has also been the best. And the most incredible diet i have ever been on!! ;)
Our studio is open 6 days a week for regular classes in Ballet, Tap, Acro, Modern Jazz, Freestyle, Cheerleading, POinte, Musical Theatre and more. Any Sundays are usually filled with rehearsals, examinations or workshops of some kind.
We have about 400 students on the books but I would say about 250 of those are truly regulars.I teach most of the classes, about 35 hours a week. I have 3 other teachers who teach certain subjects throughout the week. We are in rented studio space at the moment and are desperately looking for a place to settle down.Its not the easiest of task as most of you must know, so keep your fingers crossed for us.
I started dancing at the age of three in my home country of Switzerland doing mainly ballet with very old fashioned teachers. Disciplin was the most important thing and eventhough I don't approve of some of the methods my teachers used, I still believe it has made me the person I am today.I am constantly trying to find the balance between disciplin and a pleasant learning environment for my students.
Well that is enough about me, but can I just say before I go that it is really nice to have a place where you can go and find different people from around the globe who are living the same life I do. I wish you all well for the future. Much love Mary
me too
By Hanna2
On Thu Dec 28, 2006 11:00 PM
Hello, after reading your post I decided to become a member. I wanted to tell you that I too am married with 2 young children ( I just turned 32...yikes) I just finished the RAD course and recieved my RAD status a few weeks was the hardest 2 years and I am so proud of getting thru it...and withought a divorse I might add. I only started teaching ballet 3 years ago after putting my dughter into a tiny tu tu's for two year olds. Watching her rekindled my love for ballet which I did from the age of 3-17. I started looking into my options and started teaching at a community center and then I really found my passion ...especially with the little ones. Suddenly all these doors started to open... I never new my life would take on a different path the same year I turned 30....
So I know where your coming from. I wish you all the best and when and if you decide to do the RAD course if I can help in any way let me know.
Take care,
princess tutu
By xxkymxx
On Wed Jan 03, 2007 06:16 AM
Princesstutu, you sem very dedicated to your school and you seem to be loving every minute!! I think its good that you have come from another country and are helping people to share the same passion as you!!
Its also good to see someone else from the UK in this forum!
Keep dancing!xxxxx
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By pharmadancermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Mar 28, 2007 07:44 AM
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By katiecat_
On Wed Mar 28, 2007 08:13 AM
Hi my name is Katie (obviously) and I started a paper route whan I was fourteen years old, so I could pay for my own ballet lessons. I was fortunate to have a very strong ballet instructor in my small town, and learned fast. Within 2yrs I was paying for my lessons by assisting her with the 4yr olds and cleaning the dance studio. I put myself (or should I say am putting myself -- gotta love student loans) through Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle because I wanted to learn more about anatomy and kinesiology to protect my students' bodies. I've been teaching in the Eastern suburbs of Seattle since I graduated in 2002. I love, love, love my students -- they are the light of my life, and can't imagine doing anything else (and believe me, I've tried -- you know, every summer when the money dries up for three months). I am 30yrs. old -- Bleh!, but try to stay in shape by taking class and hitting the gym 4 times a week. I also dance for a modern dance company based in the Seattle area (Chimera Dance Theater). Thanks so much to all of you who've helped me out with advice and support in the past couple of years -- you guys rock!

P.S. Bunless in Seattle is the best! (not that I have favorites...)
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Amykastings
On Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:55 PM
Wow its a long story.... Been doing it for 35 years now. I started a school State of the Arts Dance & Music Center, and a Company not long after Westminster Ballet Theatre. It has not turned out quite like I envisioned it, but nonetheless we keep moving forward. We are in a rural community (I fell in love with my wooded lot), so we basically have to educate the community about the importance of art in our lives. Up hill battle to start, but as I mentioned we keep moving forward. We are know for our quality and creativity and that's imporatnt. Thanks for asking.
Hi Kym
By princesstutu78
On Thu Mar 29, 2007 03:10 AM
Thabks for your kind post.It's cool t see another person from the UK on this forum, like you say.I am with the IDTA as well. I know what you are saying about the standard in the US being much higher but I think if you are dedicated and set yourself a high standard you can achieve an awful lot.I was at the IDTA Thetare Awards the other week, and there were some incredibly talented young performers.It really brings home to you what kind of standard is achiavable with the right training.
Good luck with whatever your future plans are. If you ever fancy swapping ideas and stuff just personal message me.
Love Mary
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By graciedance
On Tue Apr 03, 2007 01:40 AM
Hi, I'm from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. I'm 31 years old and I have taught at the same studio for the past 15 years. It's the same studio I grew up in. I teach RAD ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and pre school. I absolutely love teaching. I grew up wanting to be a dancer but didn't have the right body type, but I'm so glad things have worked out the way they did, because I think I'm a much better teacher then I would have been a performer. I am leaving the studio I have spend the last 20 years of my life in to pursue my dream of being a choreographer. I am moving to Alberta and then hopefully to Vancouver!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Zoe53Premium member
On Wed May 02, 2007 08:46 AM
Hi, my name is Joanna, I’ve been teaching for 43 years. I started my apprenticeship (Cecchetti) at the age of 10, (got busted ripping a fellow student apart by my teacher.) I was Cecchetti certified 8 years later. Since then I’ve studied the BIG 5. ..Cecchetti, Vaganova, Bournonville, French School, Russian (which is different from Vaganova - think Bolshoi vs. Kirov) RAD (which is very similar to Cecchetti. I was fortunate to study with some incredible people, including one who studied with Cecchetti, himself. I had 2 serious mentors in my life, both male. Vaslav Romanov of the Ballet Russe and Robert Ross Davis, National Ballet.

I didn’t restrict myself to Classical studies alone. I’ve also studied Jazz, musical theatre, modern, tap (yes, I can HOOF) and ethnic studies, I.e. Greek, Eastern Indian, Thai, African, Irish, Scottish, Character, Folklorico and Flamenco to name a few. Required of us at that time.

I utilized the best of the 5 Classical methodologies to create the World Method. My students are cross trained (including terminology, physics, anatomy, history and literature) which makes them highly employable. They can see which style the choreographer is grounded in and duplicate it…a necessary element to their training. Its worked quite well.

I have concentrated my teaching efforts on “Street Rats” - or “at- risk” children for the past 25 years. (I work with those kids you cross the street to avoid) A highly rewarding occupation. These kids have found a road OUT of their environments, into the university of their choice and on to the professional career of their dreams…including pro companies, medicine and professional football. Needless to say, I am VERY proud of my team. We were known as THE COMPANY.

I have recently relocated to Atlanta, GA where I am starting all over again.

History Note: Enrico Cecchetti’s methodology was the impetus for the Russian schools and RAD. He was brought to Russia by the Tzar in the 1880’s to work with their dancers (Italy ruled the dance world in the 19th century) The Vaganova method was codified in the 1920’s to produce a “Soviet Style”. Balanchine was a student of the Marinsky and by first hand reports, his “style” was born out of the fact he did things his own way…“not the Marinsky way“. (worse thing you can say about a dancer then) Balanchine is a style NOT a methodology.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By ShyVioletmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Jun 28, 2007 11:55 AM
I thought I'd finally venture over to these boards and start posting. I'm 25, live in the UK and have been dancing for 21 years. I began studying ballet at age 4, and have continued that through the years (I still take classes, though have had to take a few breaks over the years for injury, etc.), and have been doing Irish dance for a little over 10 years. I retired from competition last October, and am currently studying for my TCRG and dancing with a small performing company (whilst also writing my PhD thesis).

As for my past teaching experience: I helped teach some of the company choreography this year and assisted in classes/rehearsals (and got to choreograph a section of the encore for the show, which we premiered in May, and will be performing again for a run at the Fringe) and so have experience teaching students of different levels.

I've been giving private Irish dance lessons over the summer, and will start teaching Beginners' and Intermediate/Advanced Irish (we have to combine the upper levels due to time constraints and the fact that there are so few championship-level dancers in the area) classes in September with my university's dance society. :) DanceSoc classes are meant for fun, and have dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners with no training to World Championship figure dancers, and include dancers from a number of different Irish dancing organisations, who have retired from competition but still want a chance to perform and improve their dancing. We'll be doing a lot of work on technique (soft and hard shoe), but also some more contemporary Irish performance choreography. Even though we're a university society, DanceSoc operates much like a studio, and runs a variety of classes every day in the lovely studio the university has. Hopefully this teaching experience will benefit me when I sit my TCRG exam, and subsequently when I begin to teach (outside of the university). I look forward to sharing hints, tips, frustrations, etc. with all of you on the boards. :D

re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Tommy_Musical
On Thu Jul 05, 2007 02:03 PM
The Musical Theater Center is a 501c3 non profit in Rockville MD. I have over 1,800 students studying voice, acting and dance (tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop). I employ over 20 part time faculty. We do 5 mainstage productions a year, including Dance Recital. We have two performing/touring ensembles Upbeat Unlimited and Singular Sensations. info at
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Tapndance
On Thu Jul 05, 2007 03:45 PM
Great thread!
My name is Julie and I am a teacher/SO. I am 28 years old and opend my studio when I was 26. I have been dancing all my life while doing many other things, but I always came back to dance.
I went to Rutgers University for Business and got a Master's degree. I worked full time for 6 years and during the 5th year of working full time, I decided to open my own studio. I was a Human Resources manager by day and dance teacher/owner by night. It was exhausting and I never knew if I was coming or going. I got up at 7am, work by 8, and went right to the studio for 5:30. I couldn't teach daytime classes or any classes earlier than 5:30 and I also taught on Saturday mornings. It was so worth it though b/c no matter how tired I was, the little dancers always made my night!
I sometimes blame the lack of success on me not being able to put my 'all' into it...but I was terrified of opening my own place and quitting my job. Everyone thought I was nuts, except my mother who was very encouraging. While my husband was not against it, he was not supportive or encouraging at all.
I was the breadwinner, and he, a graduate student, and we had just bought our first house.

I didn't want any loans, or lose my reputation and ruin my resume by taking time off in case I failed, so I worked a lot....I broke even my first year and now am starting my third.

Oops, this is supposed to be about teaching...Well, that is why I opened my own place. I was working a day job but still teaching 2 nights a week at another studio and LOVED it and wanted to do it more. When I started taking on more classes, I almost decided to quit dance altogether b/c I couldn't keep up with both roles. Then I realized if being a full time teacher is what I really want, then if I put in alittle more effort I could be a fulltime teacher and have all the rewards (and downfalls) of also being the owner. I still am a nutjob, and fear for my security so I am a substiute school teacher during the day. I work about 3 days per week, 7:30-2:30 then teach 5-8pm. I'm still tired physically but not mentally like I was before when I had much responsibility in my day job.

Not only do I love to teach, but I love choregraphing and having the freedom to do whatever I want with the dances, something I didn't have as a teacher somewhere else.

I guess I am a talker! Clicking Karma as soon as I stop typing!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By SiyoNqobamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Aug 17, 2007 07:22 PM
Edited by SiyoNqoba (34789) on 2007-08-17 19:43:33
I'm not a teacher yet, but I will be in January, so I've started browing the Teachers forum to be prepared :)

My name is Courtney, and I'm 18. Last year, my dance teacher started telling me that she couldn't get out of her head that I should teach for her. What she didn't know was that teaching is what I want to do, like, forever (hehe). So she bought me the syllabus book for IDTA, and I'm going to be sitting the asssociates exams next year, and teaching for her while I'm learning. Our recital finished last weekend, so now I'm going to all the younger classes to learn the syllabus for ballet, tap and jazz, and so that I can see how classes are run and the kids can get to know me (pretty much, be a teacher's assistant).

I'm still going to be taking classes (I currently take ballet, jazz, pointe, hip hop, lyrical and tap), so it's going to be weird being both a student and a teacher. At dance workshops and competitions and during the recital, I'm going to have authority over my friends - that's so strange! And I'll be dancing in the recital, so at the end of the last one, when all the teachers stand on stage and act suprised when students bring them flowers, I'm going to be in costume. So crazy, hehe. Also, I can imagine I'll be quite stressed having 9 or 10 of my own dances, as well as sorting out my classes. But I can see it being heaps of fun, and I'm really excited.

I'll be teaching for (and currently attend) Sole Movement Dance School. This is it's third year open, and so far it's had a 100% growth rate. My journey here has been quite an interesting one.

I started jazz when I was 6. My studio was owned by a mother/daughter team. The mother was strict, and the daughter was really laid back, so we all wanted the daughter as our teacher. But as I got older and more serious about dance, I found that I really liked the mother. I wasn't particularly good at dancing. I tried to try, but I wasn't very good at staying focused, and the littlest thing could distract me, so I often didn't put enough work into my dancing. But I was a real performer, so I was always the kid who had to blow the boy a kiss and stuff. When I was 10, I started to get good, and even won an award that year. I remember actually making a conscious choice to start trying, and put everything I had into it.

I moved studios when I was 11, because we moved to a small town. I dont know why, but I was put in a class with girls who were at least 4 years older then me. It actually turned out to be the best thing, because they all really inspired me, and I had to try extra hard to keep up. I remember at my first recital with that studio, all the girls in the level below me, who were 12 and 13 (but beginners) followed me around the whole time, because they couldn't believe I was so young but in the most advanced class. The next year, inspired by Kelly and Emma, the two best dancers in my studio - both of whom also danced full time - I started private lessons. I became the "little solo girl" and Emma was the "big solo girl," and I just had this huge explosion of love and talent for dance. Eventually, Emma left, and I became the "big solo girl." When I was 15, and very sick with an eating disorder, I burned out.

I slowed down, and was only taught privately (by the same teacher). I think she wanted me to have some time just to myself before really re-entering the dance world. She moved away when I was 16, and I moved to my current dance school. It was a bit hard at first, because suddenly I was anonymous after 6 years of having absolutely everyone know me. But it was great because I fell in love with performing all over again (for a while, it had been about being the best, the best, the best). I'd been doing jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip hop, but I took up tap and pointe as well. I made some amazing friends, and I'm now the official "big sister." I get to give advice about school and boys, and do hair and make up. And of course, now I'm starting to teach. So that's where I am now :)
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By GeminiDance
On Tue Sep 11, 2007 08:02 PM
Hello! This is my very first post here, I've been reading for weeks! Anyway, I'm 32 and teach in New York (long island to be exact). I've been teaching for 12 years and have a BA in Dance. This is my 7th year teaching at the same studio. This year I'm teaching Tap and Ballet (ages 4 - 15). I also choreograph two tap competition pieces and direct and choreograph two of the tap companies for the studio. I started dancing at age 3 and just fell in love immediately, it didn't hurt that I seemed to be a natural too. My mom was also a dancer and teacher and gave private lessons in our basement when I was little so I was always exposed, I like to say that I started dancing when I was in utero since she was teaching while preggo with me. I have a 13 month-old son who just started bopping to the beat of music, he too started dancing in utero. I was convinced he'd coming out crying 5-6-7-8!!

Nice to meet all of you, look forward to chatting!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By mom_n_dancer
On Wed Sep 12, 2007 09:48 PM
Hey, so great to hear from everyone. I started dancing late in life (@ 12) & I loved it, so I took 9 classes a week to try to get better. I went on to college and got a BS in Dance Management from Oklahoma City University. I started teaching at my old studio at 15 and have been teaching ever since. I am now married to a wonderful man & have two boys. I managed a professional dance company for a while then a dance studio, but I wanted an easier schedule to be a stay-at-home mom. I teach at a great studio in OKC now & love the fact that I don't have to be in charge any more.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By DTeacher
On Sat Sep 22, 2007 11:26 PM
My name is Melissa, I'm 25. In MA. I've been teaching for 10 years, since I was fifteen. I opened my own studio when I was 22. The studio is going well, it's in a small town, so well for what I have to work with. I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter, who's cute as a button and already dancing. I'm married, my husband's a firefighter, which if you know anything about that it means, he's never home! I'm stuggling with being a full-time mom and business owner, but trying my best to work out the both. My first memorable dance teacher was Catherine Barry. Without her I wouldn't be where I am. My sister is also a dance teacher and studio owner. We're best friends and help out eachother's studios. She has two kids also. And that's my life so far.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancetree
On Tue Oct 16, 2007 01:47 PM
Well, this looks like a good place for my first post! My name is Terry, and I'm 27 years old. I've been dancing for 22 years, teaching or assistant-teaching for 14 years. I'm currently teaching Adult Jazz and Adult Tap at a local studio, and subbbing for just about anything. I have experience in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary. I competed extensively when I was in school, and I'm so happy to be getting back in the swing of things. I took about 5 years off (moving to a new place, buying a house, getting married, getting a "real" job), and realized I missed dancing too much! I took a summer class at my studio and was asked to come back for the fall and teach! I'm really excited and my first adult class starts tomorrow! Hello DDN!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Angelos
On Tue Oct 16, 2007 08:24 PM
So i guess i should probably introduce myself. My name is Angie, I'm 20 (soon to be 21) years old. I know i'm young but please don't hold that against me. I'm from new zealand and i have been teaching for 2 years now. I teach Highland, Jazz and will soon have my certificate in ballet teaching (RAD). For the past 2 years i have been teaching at the dance school where i learnt to dance (whilst still taking dance) which has been really good and educational. However this year i decided i wanted to take things to the next level and 2 weeks ago i had the offical opening of my own studio. To start with we are teaching only highland. In Febuary next year we will add Jazz and then midway through 2008 we will add ballet. And i will continue teaching and dancing with the studio i learnt to dance at for atleast the next 6 months aswell. So dance life and teaching is going to be pretty busy for the next year (or in reality for the rest of my life) But i wouldnt ask for anything else. I love it!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancinKaty
On Wed Oct 31, 2007 08:15 AM
Okay here we go.
I'm Katy. I've been dancing since I was 2 and started student assisting when I was 10. When I was 16, my home SO took me to DEA and got me certified. I then started working as a costumed performer at Walt Disney World in Florida. From there, I moved on the choreography at WDW. I took some time off from dancing when I moved to North Carolina in October 2005. I then had my son, Aiden. I decided it was time to get back into the studio so I applied for a teaching position at U Can Dance, Inc. in Garner, NC. I was originally hired to teach jazz classes but since business has picked up, I now teach jazz, tap, clogging, ballet and lyrical. And while it does stress me out at time, it certainly beats having to find a "real job". HAHAHAA
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