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re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By danzindiva2000
On Fri Oct 22, 2004 08:57 PM
hi everyone my name is Shannon Marie Werkhieser. I am 19 yeras old and reside in Pa. I have been dancing for what will be 18 years in December....I started the day I turned 2. I have trained in tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet, pointe, hip hop, and rythem tap. Other then dance I have been a cheerleader since age 8 and now cheer in college, where I am involved in Pre law studies.

Besides school I work at Backstage Academy in Bridgewater NJ once a week teaching all levels of hip hop. So including my student assisting and the past 2 years teaching I have been a teacher for 7 years. I am also a very complished competition choreographer winning over 50 trophies in 3 years including my coveted Miss Hip Hip 2003 title. I have also eenjoyed numerious performances in Disney World.

Its been great getting to read about everyone
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Mekare
On Sat Oct 23, 2004 07:57 PM
Just a quick "throw- in"....Vaganova has 3 Armpositions but also 6 ports de bras...Vaganova actually incorporated various Cecchetti nuanches into her method.
By Twinkeltoe2
On Tue Oct 26, 2004 07:28 AM
Hi i am an Irish Dancing Teacher and would like a penpal
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dance4starzPremium member
On Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:26 AM
where are u from? How long have you been teaching irish?
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By JD69member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Tue Oct 26, 2004 02:56 PM
Hi, my name is Maura and I am from the Bay Area, California.(Terpsichore Dance Company) I have been dancing for about 12 years now and have been running a dance company for only two years. I am 17 years old, yes I know, how can she be so young and run a company? Well at my studio where I teach and dance, we have 3 competiting companies. I am in charge of our junior company. Our mini director is 19 years old, and our senior director is 23. We are all young, but it works. I was a little nervous at first because people can be really jugdemental saying" how can they run a company when they are so young"? I just brush it off now because our company is doing better than ever now and we really try hard to prove to people that the directors age doesn't matter. This year is especially tough for me, I am directing the junior company, I am also competing with the senior company and I am in my senior year of high school. Its a handful but I love it!! My specialty is teaching hip-hop and I love taking it too. My favorite style competing has to be lyrical/modern. I like to choreograph hip hop though because you can have so much fun with it. Any other teachers young like me?
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By ihopeudansmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Oct 27, 2004 11:40 AM
My name is Sara

I'm 21 years old, and I'm a teacher in Brunswick County, NC. I teach modern at the little dance studio down the road, and I also teach private lessons all over. I studied intensely for 4 years (20+ hours a week) with Alfredo Marenco, Willie Hinton, Tito Hernandez, Freddie Lee Heath, Gene Medler, and Margaret Rowland at a career oriented studio (much like a jazzier version of ABT) called Broadway Dance Project in Raleigh, NC. I know ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, musical theatre, and a little bit of tap. Unfortunately, I started too late to really join a company (the technique's there, the extension/muscle/body image isn't), so here I am teaching, and I love it. I may try my hand at Broadway when I get a little richer, but until then I'm gonna stick with my kids and love every minute of it!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Dancer904Premium member
On Sat Oct 30, 2004 12:14 PM
I am Jamie, owner of Dance Time, I am 22 and opened my studio at 19. I have been teaching since I was 18 but assisting since I was 10. I teach tap, jazz, preschool and occasionally ballet. I have hired teachers to teach hip hop, acro and ballet at my studios. I have danced since age 4 I took mainly tap and jazz but also ballet. I have never taken hip hop except for at a few workshops.

I was the one who initiated my starting dance, my parents didnt just put me in it. My mother took me to a carnival when I was 3 1/2 and we watched a local dance studio perform. I then spent the rest of the summer dancing around the house in dress up shoes pretending to be onstage. My parents knew they had better get me into dance class. From the time I was tiny, I always made up and pretended to perform my own routines. I was rarely without dance shoes on even in the house. When I was 10 I began assisting my dance teacher with the baby classes and it was then I decided I was going to have my own dance studio someday. I remember spending my summers about age 10 organizing all the neighborhood children and teaching them dance routines I made up and having "recitals" out on our deck at the end of each summer.

I beleive I was born to lead and to teach. But I also dont think I was meant to just be a teacher and work for someone else. I like the responsibility and the freedom of running my own studio.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By daninqueenPremium member
On Sat Oct 30, 2004 06:45 PM
Hi my name is Felicia and I own 2 studios in NJ. I opened my studio in 1976. I studied with the finest teachers in the world. Valdimir Doukodoughsky ,Alexandria Donilova , Alfredo Corvino , Phil Black, Don Farnworth, Yvette Cohen and of course my favorite and my mentor Chuck Kelly. My very first teacher however, was the one who truely instilled the love of dance in my heart. her name was Mary Marchetti-Bertagna. She was in the origonal line of Radio City Rockettes back in I believ the 1920's ( not too sure of dates) She passed away about 3 years ago and she is missed by all that knew her. She was my insiration. I don't know what or who I would have become without dance in my life.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By HardestWorker
On Sun Oct 31, 2004 09:34 AM
Hi everyone!
I'm almost 23 and I have been teaching for two years. I coached dance teams in high schools for a few years before that. I teach ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, dance team technique, and musical theatre. I teach at a pre-professional studio and at a recreational studio. there are a lot of people here who started their own studio at such young ages! that is so inspiring and cool. i will be teaching elementary school a year from now (scary--the real world) and HOPEFULLY still teaching dance just as much as i am now. i woudl miss it too much otherwise. it is nice to hear that a lot of you have a day job AND teach; that way i know it is possible!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By rhys
On Sun Oct 31, 2004 08:36 PM
hi my name is rhys,
i am from NSW Australia. I teach Ballet and Jazz at two different studios. One is a more serious studio with highly skilled ballerinas, many of whom have been accepted into the Australian Ballet. The other is just a fun studio where we do everything from jazz to singing to modelling etc.
Before starting teaching I had danced for 16 years doing ballet, jazz, ballroom, modern, contemporary, marching band dancing, and cheerleading.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By ballerinabear
On Tue Nov 02, 2004 01:06 PM
Hello, my name is Erika, I am 27 and I have been teaching for almost 5 years at the studio that I grew up dancing in. I teach mostly ballet and I studied under AnneMarie Sarazin who was a principle dancer with the Boston Ballet. She was an amazing dancer and a great teacher. She expected her students to work hard but at the same time enjoy dancing. I hope I do the same for my students.

I love teaching this year because the past two years I have been pregnant!!! I love my 2 year old daughter and my 7 month old son, but dancing while pregnant was very hard on me. I had problems with my SI joint rubbing and it killed me to not be able to use my body like I was accustomed to. If anyone wants advice on dancing while pregnant, let me know, I tried so many streches, physical therapists, and chiroprators.

This year my daughter started coming with me to my 2.5 - 3 year old ballet class. She is a little younger than most kids, but she follows along very well. She knows plie, tendu, and passe! And she is the reason for my nickname, ballerinabear. When she was learnging to talk, that was one of her first words. It came out more like 'ballalalala' but so cute!

Enough about my kids! I really like this website and any teaching advice or info, please pass along!
By madtapnB
On Wed Nov 03, 2004 05:45 PM
A Fellow Bay Area Res!
Way to go Maura. Just read your post. Congrats on accomplishing so much!
I hope to check your company out soon!

All the best,
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Extreme_Dancer04
On Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:22 PM
My name is Lacey and I am from South Ogden Utah, My studio is the Electric Youth/Extreme Dance company.I am 15 years old and have been teaching for about 3 years now. I have been dancing for 13 years. I teach Jazz and Hip Hop. We also do a little tumbling and Ballet. I don't have much to say because I haven't been teaching for very long and have years ahead of me... The person who inspired me to be a dance teacher was Michele Becraft Bowen, she has been teching me for about 10 years and has helped me realize my talent. She has had faith in me for many years and has shown great confidence in me through out all my competitions and all performances in General. Michele You are Awesome!!!! I love you and owe all my creativity to you.
Love, Lacey
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By bigeasytapper
On Sun Nov 14, 2004 05:23 PM
This is great! I'm kinda new to & you guys have been a great resource for me. I'm Monique from Jefferson, LA. I'm 40 and have been dancing since I was 2, with breaks here and there for having boy children and raising them. I was educated by Anthony Alessandra for approx. 14 yrs - he passed away in his studio. It was awful for me, since he was my first & only teacher, & I was 16 yrs. old. My dream was to be HIM. So I started college at Southeastern La. Univ. as a choreography major & about 8 wks into it, my ankle gave out one fine day. I dropped out, began office work and 2 marriages & 2 kids later, I missed dancing WAY too much. I started back in April of this year, assisting with the little ones at The Dance Factory in Kenner, LA & loved it immensely. My specialty is tap (hence the nickname) and I'm on a mission to bring it back into popularity. I've begun my own little venture - teaching preschoolers at the preschools, as well as teaching at the studio a few nights a week. Had my 'Corporate America' job not been eliminated, I may have never ventured into teaching dance as a career. It's what I always wanted in my heart but never had the opportunity to pursue because I needed a steady paycheck & benefits. Now that my kids are pretty grown, I can finally do what makes me truly happy. The one downside is that my body no longer does what it used to. BUT I CAN STILL TEACH!! After reading BalletBrat's info, I have a lot in common with her. BalletBrat, if you read this far, please email me. And Diva, thanks for the invitation and interest!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By Kandmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Nov 15, 2004 10:39 PM
I grew up in a dance studio my grandmother was the owner and my mom the director. The dance studio was on the 1st floor of our house and we lived on the 2nd & 3rd floors. So … everyday was filled with dance class or the sounds from dance class. I went to the Philadelphia high school of performing arts where I found my favorite dance teacher Donald Lunsford & my husband Patrick. I began dancing professionally ay Hershey Park and moved on to Walt Disney World to perform in the Diamond Horse Shoe both in Florida and in Japan and at Wild Bill’s & Capones Dinner Theatres in Florida. I danced with Legends in Concert and on the QE2 (for the longest 8 months of my life) I am now the owner/director of my family’s studio this is my 7th year and I am still learning something new everyday.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By jb_dancer_chicamember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Nov 28, 2004 10:23 PM
My name is Jessalyn. I am from Edmonton AB Canada. I am 17 and this is my first year teaching. I started subing and assisting two years ago. I still continue to assist but I have two classes of my own: Jazz Primary and Creative Movement and I LOVE TEACHING :D .This is my 12 year dancing and I still take dance classes with the studio that I teach in. I take ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, hip hip, lyrical and pointe. I absolutly love dancing and teaching and I am soo glad that my studio has given me the opportunity to share my love for dancing and teaching by letting me teach my own classes. I hope to continue teaching and teach more classes when I am out of school. I receive tons of help and support from my main teacher Lori and from the studio owner. Last year I had to sub for alot of classes because one of the teachers had a family emergency so at the end of the year the studio owner came up to me and said that she had watched me teach and wanted me to teach next year. And that is how I began teaching.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By dancingqween
On Mon Nov 29, 2004 07:45 PM
My name is Nichole and I'm 20 years old. I've taught at a studio in Cedar Rapids, IA for the past 6 years....and I lived in Oceanside, CA (where my husband who is a Marine is stationed) last year where I taught class also. I'm back in Iowa for a while now teaching while my husband is in Iraq. I love that wherever I go I've always found a dance studio to call home and an amazing group of dancers to be my family! I started dancing when I was 4 and I've taken and taught everything.....tap, ballet, tumbling, musical theater, pointe, lyrical, hip hop....
I think teaching at 2 different studios and in 2 parts of the country has benefited me by teaching me 2 different ways of teaching and running a studio and also when I was in CA I learned what I guess I would call a "west coast" style that I didn't see as much before.
Right now I'm just moving around trying to get settled and my dream is to open my own studio someday!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By MarloPoohBear
On Mon Nov 29, 2004 08:31 PM
Hello. I am 35 and teach/live in a small rural town in North Dakota where it's very cold in the winter. This is my third year teaching here, and I now have 9 classes with 35 students. Prior to that, I lived in Wyoming where I taught jazz and musical theatre on and off during and since college. I now teach pre-dance, ballet, and jazz. I started dance at age 7 in my small town in Wyoming with Judy Wilson, learning in places like church basements. I just love her! I did a lot of performing in high school, college and beyond. Musicals are my main thing. I tried teaching musical theatre for a couple of years, but found it to be frustrating. I'd love to visit with some teachers who teach MT to see how you do it. My first two years I had my own studio here in ND, but the building was sold, and now I teach as an employee of the city. However, I have a very nice space and they take care of billing, so that's all good. I shredded my left knee in 2000 while taking a master hip hop class, and shredded my right knee earlier this year while working on a tap routine! :) The doctor said I need to lose weight and train if I want to keep dancing, so I lost 26 pounds. I've been at the same weight around 180 for 6 months now, but I need to get busy and lose some more. I get to do some semi-professional theater from time to time. This summer, I got to play "Mrs. Potts" in "Beauty and the Beast" at Frost Fire Summer Theatre, and "Mama Morton" in "Chicago," which is my dream show! I also direct theater for our local arts council, and work at a radio station during the day. Most days I love teaching, when I'm not dealing with whiners. Like today, this one girl is just always tired! And I'm thinking, "You're only six!" It does my soul good to dance and create and choreograph. I've had a few girls in ballet for two years, and they're really starting to get it! Ballet was never my emphasis in dance, probably because I was not naturally good at it. No extension, turnout, and so forth. So I'll teach these kids as long as I can give them something, and when they get too good for me, I will send them along to better teachers. I got a minor in dance in college. The weight gain happened after I stopped dancing 3 hours a day. Funny how that works! Thank you for reading and it's fun to share. I enjoy reading about everyone else's experiences.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By nzgirl
On Mon Nov 29, 2004 08:58 PM
hi everyone. ive been teaching for over 2 years now. im 19. i fully trained in ballet, jazz and irish dancing. i teach 7 classes a week. when i first started i was so excited and a little scared. i love teaching because i get paid for doing something that i love
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By pasdechat78
On Thu Dec 09, 2004 04:45 PM
hi to all of you!
i'm 27 and have been teaching for 4 years now. I teach mostly ballet but also some modern (graham-limon based, but my own style). Currently i work at 3 different schools and i love it! This week we went out with the children to see a performance of La Bayadère. It's so nice for the kids to see what all that training can do...
i've had different teachers with different backrounds, so my own teaching is a combination of Vaganova, RAD and ISTD (they are all spread out here in europe) although the syllabus i teach is vaganova.
just wanted to say that i'm new and thrilled to be here!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By tiptaptam
On Fri Dec 17, 2004 11:44 AM
I am 29 years old. I started dancing at 4, got involved in Gymanstics, so I stopped dancing. When I was about 8, my mom told me that I could keep doing gymantics, if I also danced. Apparently, she knew dance was for me. She says that when I was a toddler, I would stand in fromt of the radio and wiggle to teh beat of any music that came on. I used to stare at it with amazement.
In 7th grade, I saw a David Bowie concert, and decided that I was going to stage things. I dropped down to one day a week of Gymanstics and added lots of ballet. I started Jazz at 15 and Tap at 19. Teaching has always been what I love to do. Couple this with my love for art.....I got into choreography.
I travelled all over the place, and kept thinking that I needed just a little more education before opening my own studio.... and then one day, I just felt ready. I spent a year saving and planning and a little over a year ago, I started my school. I have over 130 students, and two dance companies that I can choreograph for.
I have never been so in love with my life as I am right now!

I just wanted to make a note to Shimmy Bridget.... I don't think it was anyones intention to make you feel stupid. They were just informing you. If I see something on this sight that I think is misinformed, I PM the person; maybe that is what they should have done..... but I don't think they meant for you to feel stupid. This sight should be a safe zone, where people should feel comfortable to learn, to be wrong about things, and to correct people. I would want someone to correct me.
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers.... (karma: 1)
By odetteballet
On Sat Dec 18, 2004 06:25 AM

Great Post!!!
My name: Tanya,
Location:I am from Alberta Canada
What I teach: Cecchetti Ballet (full certification as an associate Diploma),Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, and for a break I teach street jazz (or hip hop)
how long Ive been dancing: 26 years
Dancer training: Accross Canada and the USA, too many great teachers to list
teaching: 18 years
teacher training: Cecchetti, ISTD , + two full teacher training courses (three years each), annual teaching upgrades/ seminars
Family: 1 husband, 2 children (one more on the way), two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree.
Studio: Alberta West Dance Co.
Certification: all the Cecchetti grades, majors and teacher certification Associate (can't remember the year) , then Associate diploma exam in 1999. ISTD theatre branch Full member, Many courses RWB, etc.. too many to list.
Sucesses: Providing the oppertunity for dancers to have the best training I can offer, to prepare them for a life of dance or any field they choose. Many dancers I have trained have gone on to have professional careers in dance.


***Not trying to stretch the whole "Correct the teacher thing" however, when I see incorrect information on a post, I feel the need to put the correct information out there because, many people read these threads for information, and It is important to have as little false information present as possible. When you get many teachers in an area debates may begin, but I do not think that is what was ment to happen here.We all mean well and I don't think any one need feel stupid, just happy!!!

with that being said:
1.The Cecchetti head does not just remain straight! That is obviously a sign of either just learning the basic lower work with out the introduction of heads or incomplete training.
2. The Cecchetti syllabus has an actual two full sets of port de bras, the first set contains four port de bras and the second set contains four more for a grand total of :8 port de bras exercises.

Take care !!
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By shandy
On Sun Dec 19, 2004 10:09 PM
My name is Shandy and I'm 24. I grew up and danced in Utah. I have a few national titles and have choreographed for a few pagents. I've performed all over the country for pro half-time games. I'm trained in ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, drill/military/kick, novelty, pointe, a LITTLE bit of tap...but would like more training there. I've also only done a little bit of hip-hop and gymnastics. If I were to have three areas to excel in they'd be jazz, ballet, and drill. I moved to California when I was 18. I danced a little bit here and there...just taking classes. I got a job as an assistant director for a team. 3 months later the director quit and I took over the team at the young age of 19. It was hard but I'm in my 5th year now and am loving it. Two years ago I got a job with a company that puts on camps, clinics, and competitions. I judge for them mostly but sometimes I sub at the owners studio and I do clinics. Since I've been judging I've had to learn the basics of cheer, flags, and rifles (so I could properly critique them). So, that is basically where I am now.

As for who inspired me...I don't even know. I just love dance and always have. It's in my blood, it's who I am.

I'm in a bit of a rut because I'm deciding what to do with my future from here. It's always been my dream to have my very own studio and to work in the dance and competition field for all my life. But, I'm also interested in being a school teacher. hmmm? LOL I guess I'll figure it all out sooner or later.

Anyway, I posted this as a seperate thread b/c I didn't know there was already a teacher intro thread. Thanks for listening. Good to know a bit about you all, I didn't know there were so many teachers here.

re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By NadiaLadidamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Dec 20, 2004 09:33 AM
Well, I have been on DDN for a few months as 'grishkogrrl' and recently changed my username, and am starting from scratch. I realized that I never postes here, so now's as good a time as any.

I started dancing at a late age(12) but quickly discovered that it was my calling. I worked hard, took all the classes I could in my small town and quickly excelled and became my teacher's assistant and substitute.

She soon realised that I needed more competition and advanced training than she could offer in the small school and referred me to a pre-pro school where I joined the student company. I continued assisting and dancing at my small town school, and danced Fri, Sat, and Sun at the Company.

I'm not using 'names' here because I had a pretty bad experience at the Company re: the AD sexually abusing sttudents, one of them being a close friend(more like a sister) of mine. I then turned to Mansur Kamaletdinov, who I'd worked with before, but his studio closed down due to financial difficulties. I went back to the old Company, where the abusive AD had been ousted, but his wife had some questionable ethics as well, and I became disillusioned and abandoned any dreams of a pro. career in ballet.

I did enjoy teaching however, and taught a couple enrichment programs at local schools, and worked independantly as a coach to faith groups and taught adult classes.

Restlessness and feeling a bit lost, as I had always thought I'd be a ballet dancer, I travelled for several years internationally and throughout the US and lived in New Mexico for a couple of years studying Yoga and Modern.

I became a single mum (long story), and moved back to Virginia when my daughter was 1 year old, and began teaching at the school where I had started at age 12. It was great to be back there, as my first teacher, Debbie, is like a mother to me still. Soon, I took on the role of Studio Manager and as an Assistant Director and Choreographer of the student company, Bayside Youth Ballet. I taught there for about 5 years until I moved. I also worked as a counselor and advocate for abused women & children for those years until I decided to go back to college last spring semester.

Now, I am the new Ballet Mistress at a fairly well-reputed Richmond VA studio, only, it's reputation is based on tap and jazz. So, I'm trying to beef up the ballet department a bit. I don't have a degree or certification, but am still an effective and knowledgable teacher and seem to have a way with my students.

I am still in school, aiming for a BA in English, and love every minute of my studies.

My daughter and I live with my unofficial 'fiance' who makes my life easier and supports me in all my endeavors. It should become 'official' as an Xmas prezzie.

I am 30 yo, love my dogs Rudy and Katie, love indie film, french baroque opera, and punk rock!



~formerly known as grishkogrrl~
re: Please tell a little about yourself teachers....
By shimmybridget
On Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:07 AM
Removed by soliloquy (28370) on 2005-03-08 00:44:02 Posting in all-caps is shouting. Post in your indoor voice, please.
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