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re: Disco FAQ
By alicelovestodacemember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun May 03, 2009 02:41 PM
CSxo wrote:

Wow, lots of answers here!
Just wondering, what happens when you get to champion, do you just dance in the grade for the rest of your career or what?


i know this replys late, but from what iv gathered on DDN when you move up an age group you can move down a section,say you where in U10 champ when you moved up to U12 you could go down to U12 inter. i think thats right? lol

although after champ there is premier champ?

correct me if im wrong on any of this :L
re: Disco FAQ
By MJeanette
On Wed Jun 24, 2009 09:55 AM
Okay, this is something I've wondered about. And it's probably a stupid question. But...

Is competitive disco the same as the disco that was so popular in the 1970s? If not, why are they both called disco? And if so, did competitive disco originate before, after, or in the 1970s when disco was popular?
re: Disco FAQ
By AddyDancer
On Wed Jun 30, 2010 07:13 PM
I have a question, is it required for disco dancers to tan? ALmost every fab dancer i have seen is really really fake tanned is that part of the rules? I love the makeup and the cozzies!! I wish we had cozzies like yours in the united states.
re: Disco FAQ
By pretty_blue_eyesmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Jul 31, 2010 07:25 AM
1.What kind of technique is used in disco?
a lot of high kicks, spins, jumps, runs and leaps. So you would have to be very flexible and strong to get the highest jumps and kicks :)

2.How is disco different from jazz, or isn't it?
its similar, but we dance faster and in a circle, i dont really know because ive never really done jazz.

3.Is Disco an actual style of dance, or just a type of competition?
its a style of dance.

4. Why do you call your costumes "cozzies" and how come some people spell if differently like "cossie" or "cozzy?"
its just a word for costumes :)

5.Do you pronounce it Co-zee (like a tea cozie) or cah-zee?

6. What does it mean to "lose a life" and why do you call it that?
when we start disco, we start in beginner and we get a status card that we bring to competitions. If we get placed first, second or third we lose a life depending on how many people there is competing in a section. When we lose three lives, we move up a level. Hope you can understand that as its really hard to explain!

7.Can more than one person have the same costume, like can they be ordered from catalogs, or are they all custom made?

Beginners can have the same costume as they are just plain but starters, inters and champs cannot have the same costume as they are all custom made but i think you can order beginner suits from catalogs.

8. Who ae the judges and what qualifies them to judge?

Most judges are teachers. You have to be over 21 i think and pass a certain exam.

9.How do disco competitions differ from the competitive dance in the united states?

I dont really know because ive never saw competitive dance in the usa but I think they would be very different!

10. How does one go about doing a solo?

You start out in round 1 and if you dance well enough you get recalled into the next round and then maybe the final.

11. How are awards given? Are people scored against a point syste, and are multiple first, second, thirds etc. or gold silver bronzes awarded, or is there just one 1rst, second, third place winner?

I dont really know how it is scored but in comps there is usually a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th but it can go up to 8th or something. The trophies get smaller the lower the place.

12. Does everyone get a trophey or award at every competition?

No, not everybody.

13. What are the rules about costumes and why are they there?

Beginners have to wear a plain costume with no decorations whatsoever. Starters can wear anything as long as there are no stones, sequins or anything like that. Hologram material is allowed. Inters and Champscan wear anything. I think the rules are there because it gives us something to work towards and adds a bit of fun. :)

14.Are disco dancers required to take technique classes?

i doont know, we train every week if thats what you mean?

15.Why is a "back catch" so important?

Its not really important, its just a move that looks good on the floor :)

16. What are some other exaples of typical steps (besides "tricks") done in disco? So you do leaps, pirouettes, fouettes, etc.?

All sorts of leaps, kicks, spins, catches, runs and jumps :)

17. Is tumbling allowed?

If your a champ, you are allowed to do tumbling in finals

18.Are there any age limits? How young, old do you have to be?

I think you have to be 3 to start competing, but there is no upper age limit :)

19. Can anyone compete in disco or do you have to audition?

Yes, anyone can compete as long as your with a dance school.

20.Can a dancer compete her first year dancing?


21. What is "pairs", and why do so many people do it?

Its just like solos only you dance with a partner.

22. Can teachers be certified by anyone?

No, just the ADFP i think, but im not too sure.

23.What is "rock and roll" and why is it called that?

Rock and roll is done at big comps or festivals and its just exactly what is said :)

24.What is "Slow" disco? IS it the same as lyrical?

Its similar to lyrical only you dance in a circle around the floor and is just about being graceful and flexible. :)

25. Can tap be done in a disco competition? What about ballet?

No, its a DISCO comp.

26. Where are competitions held? Auditoriums? Hotels?

Usually in hotels or sports centres as long as they have a big floor to dance around.

27. Are more than one dance going on at once? How does that work? Is it in a "three ring circus" style or do a whole bunch of dancers just come out and dance to the same song at once?

There is only one dance at a time and all the people in the sections are split into heats. Each heat comes on the floor and dances around the floor in a circle at the same time.

28. Are the dances choreographed or are they actually truly "freestyl" i.e. improv?

No, the dances are made up by the teacher in classes.

29. Are there rules about hair or make up?

under sixes are not allowed to wear makeup but i dont think theres anymore rules except if your not champ your not allowed to wear stones on your face.

30. What is it I've heard about "arm bands" are you required to wear them?

No, some people wear them with their costumes.

31. In the US, at competitions one dancer/group performs at a time and is scored, then they recieve their applause and another dancer/group comes on stage to do their thing after the other have left and been scored, how does disco differ?

In disco, there are about 10 dancers in a heat. Each heat dances around the floor in an anti-clockwise circle for about a minute and then the recieve their applause and then the next heats goes no and does the same. If you dance well enough, you get recalled into the next round then you maybe make the final.

32. Are there disco conventions?

no, just comps and festivals.

33. Is "fabby" and the notion of ending lots of words with an "ie" or a "y" strictly a disco trend, or is it just British slang?

british slang? i dont really know.

34.Do you have to compete to do disco?

No, not everybody has to compete, you can just dance for fun.

35. Why do you call your studios skules, and why do you spell them that way?

I have never seen anyone spelling it like "skules"

36. Wht's the big deal about "stones"?

They are diamonds glued to your costume to make you stand out on the floor and sparkle.

37.What's the largest number of dancers allowed in a group?

I dont know, its the promoters decision.

38. What are the different dsico groups I've heard you guys refer to like IDF or something like that?

i dance with the ADFP and that is the main disco organisation but there is also UKA and IDST whose answers in this post would differ from mines. adfp dancers have a card on which they keep their results

39.How important is technique in relation to tricks?

You need the technique to perform the moves well. Like you need to be really flexible to perform high kicks.

40.Are there any "professional" disco dancers?

I dont know.

41. Do the little dancers (areound 4 or so) really have any idea what they're doing or do they just stand out there and look cute?

Some ddo, but most just run about the floor and look cute :) Id say the little ones just do comps for fun

42. If you have to wear plain costumes when you first start how come I see really little kids with bright sparkly costumes, how could they advance so quickly? Or are the rules diferent for them?

there is a section called U/5 open and U/6 open, and they have no costume rules

43.About how many disco dancers are there? Under a hundred?Hundreds? Thousands?

thousands all over the UK and norway :)

44. HAve there been any movies made about Disco?

No :(

45.Is body size important?

Not really

46. Why do you change costumes so often?

We grow out of them, styles change, many reasons

47.Does your costume affect your score? Alot?

No, it just makes the judges notice you

48.Why is so well known in the disco community?

We need to sell our costumes :)

49. How long do competitions last?

day comps just last from about 10 in the morning to about 6 in the evening? but festivals last a weekend :)

50. What is "show"?

Show is muscial theatre dancing and is usually done at festivals :)
re: Disco FAQ
By TrickyDiscoPremium member
On Thu Sep 09, 2010 07:33 PM
9.How do disco competitions differ from the competitive dance in the united states?

its set up so much different than it is in the UK. the music is different the costumes are much different. we dance on a stage and disco dances on a floor. we have categories, ballet jazz open lyrical tap ect. we have no rules for costumes. in the US competitions are held on mostly saturdays in theUK its on sundays. disco has comps every weekend as the US only has a few comps a month. its just a huge difference!! i personally would love to get into disco it seems like much more fun than the dancing in the united states. hope this helped

xx allee
re: Disco FAQ
By Hannah97
On Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:51 AM
I think it adds to to whole experience !! the big hair,mad make up and tan.You really feel like a Princess !!It also intensify's the colour in some costumes and makes them stand out more

hope this helps
re: Disco FAQ
By piercedpikachu
On Thu Dec 29, 2011 01:23 AM
APOLOGIES if this has already been answered but...

im wondering how such little kids wear rhinestone costumes; i thought beginners and intermediates wear plain costumes.....have those little kids advanced to such a high degree even at like 8-12years old?

is that possible for such young dancers?
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