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re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By DonnaSwanna Comments: 176, member since Mon Apr 13, 2009
On Fri Apr 17, 2009 02:57 PM
There is some good information in this post as my daughter has just started hip hop.

re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By GirlzHipHop09 Comments: 1, member since Fri May 08, 2009
On Fri May 08, 2009 11:21 PM
Heyy Ppll! Our group of three girl hip hop dancers. were audtioning a bonus girl and we need help for upcoming dance offs! We are looking for tips and a choreographer and looking to beat everyone.

re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By BoogieKnight Comments: 21, member since Fri Jul 03, 2009
On Mon Jul 06, 2009 08:52 AM
thank you for this wonderful post, people are moving away from the origins of hip hop. no one enjoys watching someone who is really good at popping or someone who knows how to rruly lock. they just think that hip hop is a fad and only like it cause the next person does. Genius post.
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By isa13 Comments: 58, member since Tue Sep 04, 2007
On Sat Jul 11, 2009 03:12 AM
It's really nice to come across someone else with all the old school knowledge. I thought I was losing it! What do you think of the term "Urban"?
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By tappingangel Comments: 908, member since Sun Apr 27, 2003
On Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:44 AM
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GirlzHipHop09 wrote:

Heyy Ppll! Our group of three girl hip hop dancers. were audtioning a bonus girl and we need help for upcoming dance offs! We are looking for tips and a choreographer and looking to beat everyone.

PLEASE don't take this offensively okay, I'm just going to come out and say it-If you want to be a great crew, and "beat everyone," you need to learn your history, learn each of the styles of "hip-hop dance," and most importantly, form your OWN style, with YOUR own choreography, not someone else's. Oh, also...don't worry so much about "beating everyone." True crews are not just about winning-they are about sharing what they know with other crews, in order to gain knowledge about what other crews know, and then form their own style and add on to it, as well as making friends with people from all over to share their experiences and knowledge with.
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By KODancer202 Comments: 44, member since Thu Dec 09, 2010
On Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:23 PM
My friend wants to get better at hip-hop. She doesn't take any classes. But she could easily be a dancer, she has the strength and flexibility and everything 'cause she's a gymnast. And she choreographs hip-hop dances with her sister, but it's more of the like drill team/cheerleading type style. I'm not really sure how to help her, cause hip-hop isn't my forte. :P Any advice for her?
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By newstyler71 Comments: 1, member since Thu Feb 03, 2011
On Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:37 PM
it is called newstyle because it was the "new style" of hip hop created by studios for competitions and such. also known as studio hip hop. but this does not mean that it is not good hip hop just different
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By studio704 Comments: 22, member since Fri Feb 25, 2011
On Wed Apr 06, 2011 09:27 PM
great knowledge

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re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By Arlene2 Comments: 50, member since Fri Sep 29, 2006
On Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:01 PM
Hhhhhmmmmmm. Lots of debate, most very true :. Its such a wide style with so much variety

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re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By hipo1 Comments: 27, member since Wed Nov 09, 2011
On Sun Nov 13, 2011 03:26 AM
sick! man that was wonderfull. I got hip hop a month ago & I really didn't have any idea of that
tnx ;)
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By dancerika Comments: 30, member since Mon Jan 25, 2010
On Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:18 PM
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i do not want to come off rude, but hip hop is my lifeblood, and seeing posts on this forum both excite and irritate me, and i'd like to clear something up... also thanks to invent for starting the post...

anyways, it was not called "new style" because studios were using it for competition and stuff - "new style" hip hop and "studio hip hop" are not the same thing unless your studio is lucky enough to have a true hip hop dancer as their hip hop teacher, and not some of the other teachers who's simply agreed to teach a hip hop class because they've seen alot of videos, and think this now qualifies them to teach it...

"new style hip hop" is a specific style that embraces the "old school" styles of popping, locking, etc & incorporates with them the newer styles, and also a person's individual style. new style dancers, if they are truly new style dancers, would compete in an all-styles battle - meaning they can dance the MANY styles that are included under "hip hop dance" and can pretty much rock the crap out of any beat you give them...

"studio hip hop" is an unfortunate epidemic created by studios who are money hungry and see $$ when they hear the trend of hip hop dance. they have a teacher who's seen a few videos and maybe taken a convention class or two and think this qualifies them to teach "hip hop dance" classes. this is a very sensitive subject for me. NO STUDIO OWNERS would let a bboy walk up in their studio, having taken 3 ballet workshops over the course of the last few years, and having seen a few ballet videos on youtube, and allow this bboy to now teach their ballet classes. the studio owner would be irritated as this person knows NOTHING of the history, culture, or steps that make up what is actual ballet dance. this same standard should be applied to hip hop teachers... but for whatever reason its not. :-/ :(
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By dancyr4lyfe Comments: 1, member since Wed Dec 12, 2012
On Thu Dec 13, 2012 04:57 AM
Well put!
re: Hip-hop Dance Styles: BASIC KNOWLEDGE
By tWitchBoss Comments: 1, member since Thu Apr 18, 2013
On Tue Sep 30, 2014 04:23 PM
Wow, how incredibly late I am to this thread but how incredibly ESSENTIAL it is to pay attention to this thread. I would like to say that because it is old I don't need to weigh in on the conversation.... but sadly I must.
TO ALL STUDIO OWNERS: I'm going to reiterate what dancer4lyfe stated when they said: YOU WOULD NOT ALLOW a Bboy that had taken 3 ballet seminars, 2 convention ballet classes, and watched a lot of youtube to teach your children ballet. You just wouldn't. However, for most of you, anyone can teach hip hop. Anyone. From my vantage point, I'm going to tell you what thats doing to not only my culture but also your students learning curve.
It completely discredits the culture because hip hop is a life style not a dance style. A way of life. And in that way of life the elements are all reflections of each other i.e. music, art, dance, dress, language, posture, body language, etc etc. The way of life is being reduced to a trend word or fad of the times. For instance how many times have you heard your students or how many times have you said the word "swag"? You have to have "swag". More "swag" please. I can't do hip hop because I don't have "swag". Well, if we travel back even just a little bit, the same references have been made with "bucc" "dope" "stupid" "ill" "flavor (remember FLAVOR?!!)" "steez" "stylin" and the list goes on and on and it will continue to grow. Words are nothing but signpost to what's real in life. They, the words themselves, are not the real deal. So if you reduce the ability to learn a new style to mirroring a word, then you are on the chase to nothing! When it comes to STREET DANCE, YOU MUST NEVER FORGET THE FEELING. THE MUSIC IS JUST AS MUCH OF A TEACHER AS YOU ARE, IF NOT THE FIRST TEACHER BEFORE YOU. BEFORE THERE WERE STUDIOS TEACHING STREET DANCE, BEFORE CONVENTIONS, IT THRIVED SOCIALLY. One of the main problems I'm seeing as a teacher is the feeling is being taken out of learning street dance. You shouldnt have to wait for a "5678" to move around. It all started with a feeling to move. The first Bboys HEARD THE BREAKS THE DJ WAS SPINNING AND IT COMPELLED THEM TO ROCK. Let's take it over to ballet. The dancers HEARD MOZART, BACH, HANDEL, ETC ETC AND THE MOVEMENT WAS CREATED TO MATCH THE ELEGANCE OF THE MUSIC. WE CAN'T LOSE THAT.
Forgive the drama that follows this warning but: We (hip-hop heads) suffer in the fact that other countries know and respect the culture that was created in the United States more than we do. We are on the brink of losing the roots! Yes, the pioneers are still around and teaching.... overseas. Why, they are hungry for the knowledge there. Here we are hungry for the hottest new trend and what will bring something about instantly.
What can we do to fix this? Well, for starters demand more of your street dance teachers. Set out a curriculum for the year. There are basic steps THAT EVERY HIP HOP INSTRUCTOR SHOULD KNOW! Now, for some of you that might seem scary, but it's not. Youtube, WHEN USED EFFECTIVELY is an incredible tool. It is an incredible tool, not bible. There is a video called "HIP HOP OLD SCHOOL DICTIONARY" that features two of street dance's pioneers Link and Buddha Stretch going through old school grooves and moves. This is an incredible base for your students to start because once equipped with these basic steps, they can freestyle and try them out to many different songs. Great exercise for implementing feeling of the music. That's just one thing that can help your students understand street danc e a wee bit more.
SECONDLY, talk to your students about the fashion. ICOULD NOT WALK INTO YOUR BALLET CLASS WEARING TIMBERLAND BOOTS, LOOSE FITTING SWEATPANTS AND A BASKETBALL JERSEY AND TAKE CLASS WITHOUT YOU FEELING A CERTAIN WAY ABOUT THAT. HIP HOP CLASS IN BARE FEET IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I'm not saying go out and buy the freshest pair of Hip Hop sneakers but a pair of sneakers will do just fine. And not skin tight clothing. Your clothes should be able to move a little bit. Again, it is a reflection of the lifestyle. You would not see a rapper or DJ rock a concert in pink tights, booty shorts over them, a tank top and bare feet. Doesn't make sense. Respect the culture.
Three, encourage your students and yourself if you are the teacher to freestyle. It's a corner stone of street dance. Expressing yourself to the rhythm, freely. Again reflecting the lifestyle. You feeling funny today, well your freestyle might be a bit more humorous when you go in. You feeling upset, yours might be a little more aggresive. So on and so forth. Again, an exercise on feeling music.
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