Ciara 1, 2 step choreography
By hiphoplvr88880
On 05/01/2005 18:06:23
Does anyone have the actual Choreography from Ciara's 1, 2 Step Music Video? I really need it to teach to my hip-hop class.
By lilmizfreestyle
On 05/02/2005 14:49:44
its just like step ball change step,step ball change step if you watch the video pratice, that when you watch it! and you'll get it
re: Ciara 1, 2 step choreography
By abercrombie22
On 05/02/2005 16:13:33

first, download the video and study it carefully!

i kno how to do it..but its hard to explain in words! lol but i'll try -

you step out to the right..stay there for a bit while slightly sliding your right foot in. that should hold for the entire count during the chorus part "everybody..."

on "" cross your left foot back directly behind your right, then quickly step OUT with your right on "..two.."

on "..step..", raise your left leg at the knee and kinda do a stomping motion with out actually hitting the floor.

after that, step out with your left and do the moves again only using the other foot! it's easy to figure out and it's fun to do cuz it juss flows after awhile.

hope that helps!
By LQsdancer04
On 05/11/2005 18:17:17
you could try to watch the video alot and it could help you.
re: Ciara 1, 2 step choreography
By sophiechick
On 05/12/2005 14:00:55
watch the vid loads and im sure you will get it!! although saying that i have tried and its not as easy as it looks! luv sophie x
1,2 step
By dell31
On 05/12/2005 19:25:48
Wow its neat how you all can do that. so acuratly describe dance steps . its like writeing down directions on how to tie a shoe.
You all are good.
re: Ciara 1, 2 step choreography
By DFSI_dancer09
On 05/15/2005 14:45:49
thank you so much. I've been waiting for that. Thanks again you've really helped me!
re: Ciara 1, 2 step choreography
By jidder_bug_dance
On 05/25/2005 00:56:10
hey there, I love this dance and have been trying to get it for the past few weeks. I share what I have so far if you like.

Okay on "Supersonic" Have your hands on your hips..a little lower and take your right leg and kind of kick it over to the right in a slow type motion. You should land with your legs a bit more than shoulders length apart. then send a bit of a wave (Hypnotic) through your upper body and ending in your arms.
Bend your kneed and face them apart. stick out your right elbow and then raise your left arm into the air then in a smooth action bring your left leg across, sort of sweeping infront of you. All of this should end on "Funky fresh".

Okay this next part I only watched her arms so I don't know the leg movements. You might have to watch the video to understand it.

Through your right arm out in like a snapping motion but not so much of a snap. Kind of bring it back in.

Do the same with your left.

Take your right arm and in what is a bit of a jerking move hit (don't actualy) your right shoulder and then infront of your right hip...

Small pause...jult your body on "Chest"

If you want anymore I might be able to help you! :)

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