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"Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By Ajaye
On Tue Jun 07, 2005 04:15 PM

Theres never been a serious discussion of this topic.These styles peak my interest for some reason. I dont know why but here goes.

From What I understand theres a movie coming out on the whole Krumpin/ clownin scene in cali called RIZE, and I recall Invent and a few others on the advanced hiphop section saying somethin bout bein from cali, could you shed some light on Krumpin for all of us on the east coast since your out there and I know youve seen it up close and personal. Whats so abserd about the style that makes you so against it. Personally many of us copy what we see on TV to a good extent but much of the east coast has proly ever had a real Krumper set foot over here. Someone please respond with something that makes sence.


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re: "Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By Invent
On Tue Jun 07, 2005 05:06 PM
Well.. I actually participated in thevery first "Battle Zone" event last summer. It's actually an open battle, that really features Krumpers. Tommy the Clown is the guy who runs it (he also started the whole krumping/clowning thing...).
Right now I am in NY... so I'm on the east coast... but I have had some small battles with krumpers... and minus the occasional touching... the battles have been heated and often difficult.

I personally find that the style is often repetative and is somewhat limited...
but to each his own...
re: "Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By Jahz
On Tue Jun 07, 2005 09:43 PM
Never seen a krump battle... I've seen krumping on a clip of a DDR contest... but that was like weird.

I dunno... krump is weird looking to me, it's like having a seizure while burning and trying to hit it out..... Maybe I'm just ignorant.
re: "Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By AyDee
On Mon Jun 13, 2005 10:52 AM
i guess it depends on who i see do it.
the style is definitly starting to get popular and i have tried it myself, not exactly the easiest thing to do.
i enjoy watchin the founders of the dance do it, but anyone else in my opinion is a biter.
the style of krumping is interesting but i dont think i would catch myself doing it at all because its not my thing. if you can do it more power to you but i dont feel that it will really stay in the culture all that long, just like the fads with the harlem shake and c-walking.

re: "Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By iH0p
On Mon Jun 13, 2005 12:15 PM
LOL jahz.......

that's a funny, but strangely close, comparison. but then again, the only krumping i've seen came from Invent... and maybe he's just really.... creative with it...

re: "Krumpin", "Clownin" Whats Your Opinion? Air it out
By poppinrice
On Mon Jun 13, 2005 05:19 PM
krumpings cool and i respect the people doin it, but i wouldn't learn it, im too busy with popping, and i think i wouldnt ever dare to learn krumping, for it might hinder my funkiness.
More to air out
By Ajaye
On Fri Jun 17, 2005 01:52 PM
to anyone who hasn't seen enough to really try the styles you should check out:, They have this section called battlezone where you can choose video clips to battle against each other. Its pretty hot. There are also krump instructionals coming out.

Personally if these styles are to thrive they need to hit the east coast soon. Im am trying my hand at learning how to clown. Krumpins coo but Im an animated person so clowning fits better. The style doesnt seem to hard to learn. Or maybe its more complex than I thought. Dont knock it till you try it is what I always say.


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