Irina.... WOW!!
By Haylzy_04
On 06/14/2005 12:11:51

Just thought i would post some pics of Irina as i think she is Fabulous!

Hope you like the pics ;)

Lv hayley xx
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By BalletDollTears
On 06/18/2005 10:46:18
yeah see really is wonderful ! but i always wonder how old she is and i couldn`t find it on her website ..has anybody a clue?
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By shell_mwah1
On 06/19/2005 04:43:43
wow that is amazing
luv shell
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By hannelore
On 06/19/2005 04:46:44
whow!!!she is really flexibel in the back!!!! i think she manks a fjieuw backribs lol!!!

re: Irina.... WOW!!
By Bunnybabe170
On 06/19/2005 19:54:06
thank you for posting, she is sooo amazing and inspirering
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By expressione
On 06/20/2005 21:06:17
Yes Hazel, I think she has a rather melancholic sort of look, but she looks sweet anyway. I think she isn't really unhappy. It's more of her natural features, maybe?
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By TwirlQueen
On 06/23/2005 22:22:21
Amazing! :)
By hayleyiscirque
On 09/04/2005 18:47:32
she is amazing! shes defanetly my favorite rythmic gymnast ever!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By Helen
On 09/09/2005 08:33:03
Hi Hayley

Some great photos, that girl is truly amazing, but i agree with the others, she does have a pretty melancholic look about her face but i can only guess it is natural as not everyone like to smile.

Luv Helen xxx
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By odetteodile
On 10/02/2005 22:53:02
indeed! im speechless.
shes so flexible
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By bigwinner
On 10/03/2005 16:00:14
Wow she is increadible! I wish I had half her flexibility.
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By Step_N_Style
On 10/05/2005 15:56:39
She looks outstanding
she looks so sad though
I would be over the moon if i could do have of that
Would love to see her doing that in person
Nicky xxx
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By fujifan
On 10/20/2005 09:16:49
simply the best!!!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By hayleyiscirque
On 10/22/2005 06:40:22
the crazy thing about htose piks is that that is probably really easy for her!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By DragonFly
On 11/23/2005 03:12:36
I wonder if she has any bones in her body. I don't see how it's possible to do things like that!

About everyone saying she looks unhappy, i hope shes not. It'd be sad to think she doesn't love what she's doing!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By bigwinner
On 11/23/2005 20:21:54
she doesnt look to happy, if i was that flexible i would be thrilled!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By splitboy
On 12/09/2005 07:47:24
Irina is amazing as always!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By demijo
On 01/12/2006 12:51:30
woow she is soo flexible
I can do the side catch but not as good as her one!!
she makes a really good gymnast
x x x
x x
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By lcaptainlcapl
On 01/13/2006 23:55:29
how do people become that flexible, i need to become more flexible for track, but i cant even touch my toes
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By firefall
On 01/17/2006 13:17:57
this is why we love gymnastics.
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By thistletoe
On 01/19/2006 01:28:19
her website is there are like a million pics in there. she is so amazingly flexi!! and yes, yes does smile!
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By Dhanurasana
On 01/20/2006 11:03:52
I love irina! she is one of the best gymnasts i know!!!
By disco_leanne
On 04/14/2006 09:51:05
you found some brilliant pics
she s sooo outstanding
and she makes it look soo easy
re: Irina.... WOW!!
By MizzPinkDancer
On 05/28/2006 20:30:53
i love her!!!....she's soooo flexible!!!....its unbelievable!!!

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