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commercial hip hop against hip hop culture
By megamonkeybboy Comments: 780, member since Tue Jan 29, 2002
On Sat Jul 02, 2005 03:50 PM

It feels as though commercial hip hop and what I would say is Real hip hop is becoming two seperate things. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. So I was wondering your views on the subject. this came to me when me and another bboy where hanging out and some bikers were listening to some rap music, and me and him looked at each other like we don't even listen to this stuff. Yet that is what majority of society thinks of us. Any way what do you all think

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re: commercial hip hop against hip hop culture
By Ajaye Comments: 299, member since Thu Dec 23, 2004
On Sun Jul 10, 2005 10:01 PM
This is a topic that Ive seen come up alot, Before I made a profile on this site I never knew the difference. But Since Ive followed some of the links givin by INvent and a few others, Ive been enlightened. So let me explain my view on this dilema. Since IM trying to be the nuetral.

Commercial Hiphop - to me these things are classified as a part of commercial/media hiphop.
Studio Hiphop Classes(Select studios are excluded I'll explain in a min.) aka routine hiphop. The stuff you see on videos.
Now people come at hiphop heads and say who are you to determine what hiphop is. Well if people did there history they would know. Commercial hiphop neglects hiphops history. It disrespects true hiphop by not giving the credit that is due to those who are true hiphop heads.

Now here is where my knowledge on the Commercial industry comes in hand. I know what they are doing. Its sickening to some. I found this out one day in a class in new yorks at the broadway dance center.They are purposely mixing the styles together. Thats why most dancers with the experience in jazz and ballet as well as hiphop get into auditions easier that hiphop heads. Now the problem with Commercial hiphop is like I said they dont say they are using poppin and a mix of jazz and routine hiphop into there own stuff.

My next theory is this, Commercial hiphop has created a new style of hiphop that most people in studios do. The routines that have poppin, and lockin, and jazz backgrounds put into one. This creates a mixed style that leaves room for the fades to enter. Harlem shaking and crip walking (which should have never went commercial because its a gang symbol.) And then theres just those who make routines that are raw moves. There not poppin, lockin, breakin, jazz, they are just moves. Its my theory that its formed and its gonna go away. Its so easy to learn cause its like learning jazz, But its hiphop, There not jazz moves, just simalar because its in the form of a routine. Ive excepted that this isnt going away. The Omarion Routines on bet and the ciara stuff isnt going away. Ive learned to embrace both sides of the fence. Some say Im selling out. But its not selling out when you put it the way Im looking at it.

Hit me up wit your thoughts.
CAU get ready cause IM bringing a new era of talent wit me and I will take the media by storm.
re: commercial hip hop against hip hop culture
By Jahz Comments: 221, member since Wed Dec 15, 2004
On Mon Jul 11, 2005 09:10 PM
it's horrible to see a ronde and a kick ball step in hip hop. not to mention a pirouette.
i feel yeah
By megamonkeybboy Comments: 780, member since Tue Jan 29, 2002
On Tue Jul 12, 2005 01:14 PM
Yeah I am am on both sides of the fence as well that is why I posted. Definitly started in the street though, learned bboying, and popping, as well as a little about locking, then started doing routines and backup dancing for some artist. I do have to say since I know some choreographers, that one of the guys who choreographed for Omarions performance on BET is a true hip hop head, named Looney- tic. But you know its funny to go to one place like a hip hop studio and hear all these people talk about stuff that they really think is hip hop, talking about people they have seen, and who they have taken from, and blah blah, I feel so out of place, cause I don't care. Some of the people they have taken from I already know, but even then so what. When I go to a real jam, people don't talk about that crap they tell me hey watch this and it is something that they took time to practice and came up with themselves. It is also way harder to do than anything i have ever seen in a class or audition. So who are the real innovators, I know we all know, but it sickens me that the masses don't.
re: commercial hip hop against hip hop culture
By Ajaye Comments: 299, member since Thu Dec 23, 2004
On Wed Jul 13, 2005 11:48 AM
yeah you right about that. It sucks, Its hard bein the only one who really wants the truth. Im gonna be hittin up ATL in a while and I hope met some good people down there. Im already tryin to find a studio in the area so I can get my routine learning speed up. I already freestyle like its nothin. I just hope me not knowing these other two styles doesnt hinder me as I go for auditions and stuff. Of course if it does Im gonna be pissed.
By megamonkeybboy Comments: 780, member since Tue Jan 29, 2002
On Wed Jul 13, 2005 01:18 PM
Man i know some people in atlanta, check out Dance 411, that is Fatima robinson and her sister Nefertiti's place. They have lots of good teachers as far as I know, I have not been there but I know they have Leon go in sometimes I think, he does all 112, new editiion and stuff like that. he is cool and respects real dancers I kicked it with him a little. Also Devin Stevens, who does like ciara and everyone else in atlanta. There are soo many dancers!! You got looney-tic, when ever he goes back, that is my boy, he choreographs like Genuine, and is now in LA doing some stuff with Marques Houston, we hang out all the time when I am there and he definitly supports and is trying to bring into the industry more street dancers, cause he is one hiself. Also go to MJQ's on Friday nights, its a club where all the dancers go. You got some of the best dancers over there busting out. like poppa doc - one of the best old school poppers I have seen. You got soul, who was in like "remember the time" video, lots of other stuff and was in the "mop top crew" he is a house dancer, you got J styles, my boy from beatrush, and to qoute mr. wiggles about his style "that kid is sick!!" I will probably met you over there when I go, so just keep in touch o.k.
re: commercial hip hop against hip hop culture
By Ajaye Comments: 299, member since Thu Dec 23, 2004
On Wed Jul 13, 2005 04:06 PM
Hey coo no prob, see this is how dancers should be, no animocity, just show love cause were all here to have a good time. Let me get you email address or you Screen name and I'll get ion touch wit you from there. I Heard about dance 411 but I didnt hear all that. Thanks for the info.