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Rock Steady
By AyDee
On Sun Jul 24, 2005 04:07 AM
Edited by AyDee (132795) on 2005-07-24 04:02:01

So my friend bgirl defy wants to NYC next friday. is anyone from here planning to make it to the rock steady jam next week on july 29th? if you are interested let me know, ill find out information for you.

invent. im not sure if you are still in new york but that'd be awesome if you could also make it, maybe meet up beforehand to session a bit.


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re: Rock Steady
By Invent
On Sun Jul 24, 2005 08:03 AM
I should be at "For the Funk of it" on thursday night (as that's when the popping will really be going down... and i think even thee's gonna be a popping battle..)and most likely the free concert on sunday...
Here's the line up of events, locations, start and end times, as well as any prices... As per Zulu Gremlin of RSC:

July 27th – 31st 2005
Sponsored by Scion, Red Bull, Backspin Productions and Tribal Streetwear

Wednesday July 27
Scion Presents Crazy’s Commandos NYC regional
9:00 PM Until
18 to get in and 21 TO DRINK
DJ Presto One
Admission: $10.00 before 10:00 PM and $15.00 after
Location: Cherry Lounge: 128th Street Between Amsterdam Ave and Convent
One winner will be chosen and 4 wild cards will advance to the finals.

Thursday July 28
Underground Celebrity Basketball Game Benefiting The Greenwich Village Youth Council
Concrete Classic (B-boy / B-girl Battle)
* 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM
* Location: The Cage, 6th Ave between 3rd and 4th Streets
* Two teams representing each element of Hip Hop (8 Teams Total)
* Concrete Classic: Solo b-boy / b-girl battle on concrete.

For The Funk Of It.
* 10 PM Until?
* Location: Crobar, 530 West 28th Street NYC NY 10001
* Featuring a performance by the Electric Boogaloos (Mr. Wiggles Jazzy Jay & Suga Pop) & The Lil Boogz (Eunico & Shonn Boog)
* DJ: Doc & DJ Skeme Richards
* Admission: $20.00
* Everyone is encouraged to wear a funk outfit to honor the movement.
* A prize will be given to the person with the best Funk outfit. Locker Style or Boogaloo

Friday July 29
2:00 PM – 9:00 PM Scion present “Crazy’s Commandos” Finals $5,000 Prize & Title Belts. And
* Rock Steady Crew Vs Xfienz
* DJ Bless One
* Location: Crobar, 530 West 28th Street NYC NY 10001
* Admission $20 before 3:00 PM and $25.00 after

Saturday July 30
* 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM Crew Battles
* Presentation of the first annual “Spy Award”
* Performance by Keith Murray
* Location: Crobar, 530 West 28th Street NYC NY 10001
* Admission $20.00

* 9:00 PM The ONLY AND OFFICIAL After Party
* DJ Evil Dee
* Location: Table 50 643 Broadway on the corner of Bleeker. NYC, NY 10012
* Admission: $5 before midnight $10 after.

Because of the City Council of Newark dropping the ball on this years venue for the outdoor event, it will be moved to an indoor location in NYC. We were told that Military Park in Newark, NJ was available and in actuality, they had reserved it for another event on the same day. This would have been avoided if the Councilman that was supposed to make everything happen would have followed up the way he promised us last year in the mayors office. We do not hold the mayoers office accountable for this in any way. They have continously tried to make things go as smooth as possible for us.
The event at The Cherry Lounge will remain free to honor the way hip hop jams were started in the beginning, but space will be limited. There will be a live graff exibition outside the venue as well as other surprises if things go right. We always try to maie the anniversary a special time for everyone.
The outdoor event will be back in full effect next year.

Sunday July 31
1:00 PM – 7:00 PM Free Concert & Graff Exibition
Show time starts at 2:30PM
* Location: Cherry Lounge: 128th Street Between Amsterdam Ave and Convent
* Keith Murray & Eric Sermon
* Killah Priest
* Blackmoon
* Q-Unique
* PackFM
* Many Styles
* Majesty
* RADix
* End Of The Weak MC Challenge
* DJ Evil Dee
* DJ DV One

Rock Steady Crew 28th Anniversary will be July 28th - 31st

re: Rock Steady
By AyDee
On Sun Jul 24, 2005 12:49 PM
actually invent that might be the same one that she was talking about. ill ask her whats up.


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