Really good websites for Figure Skating
By Jump
On 08/19/2005 08:09:36
Hi in response to a previous post, I decided to check out what is available online to learn skating. I'm sure there are tonnes of other sites, you're welcome to list them here also :D I'll try to add more as I find them

This is some instructions on how to do a bunnyhop , and a video as well.
Here are some gorgeous russian splits (one of my fave jumps if I could do them)
Here is a guide to One Foot Turns , my coach's despair because I can never get match the movement to the name.

Basically you can surf around the same website for everything.

Some websites about Off Ice Training
From USFSA a Pdf File
the HTML version -
For Parents
the HTML version
About Off Ice

More about Stretching for Skating

General Sites

There is this other really good site with people like peggy flemming and kristi yamaguchi but I just can't find it now.

Bookstore? It lists alot of books

Here is a guide for Freestyle levels from my rink (the website itself is pretty lousy though)
and from USFSA

Other interesting stuff,11040,4844-143294-160510-37890-0-file,00.pdf+ISU+required+elements&hl=en

my favourites - Riedells
Skate Buys

Whew! I think that's enough for now. Feel free to add your rink's website or something.
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By groovygran
On 08/21/2005 07:46:32
Here is one for all information re world wide skating rules etc it is the world body of ice skating

Love Mama DD's xxx
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By groovygran
On 08/25/2005 00:33:27
Here is the web site for the national governing body for Great Britain

Love Mama DD's xxx
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By skatendance
On 09/10/2005 21:44:22
This website has links to practically everything related to skating :) (thank you to Sandra Loosemore, the site's webmaster)
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By ballet_dancer02
On 01/08/2006 23:27:35
thanks for the post! I LOVE IT! I'm a dancer, and I do skating too. i NEVER knew they did leaps in ice ksating too! I always imagined leaping on ice, but thought it wasn't possible, not I do!!! THANKY OU!!!!
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By Cadbury_Eater
On 01/10/2006 20:33:21
Just so you know the ice champions site changed it's URL. It's new address is;

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words of wisdom
By addi
On 02/28/2006 19:45:13
Really good websites for forums, posts, pictures, and the latest info on specific skaters are...


I am a member of all of these and they always have the best info, i definately would suggest visiting these for any information you would ever need becuase they all have post boards on the specific skaters, recent events, figure skating news in general, and other random chats and special projects.
re: Really good websites for Figure Skating
By Stronghold
On 11/13/2008 09:55:45
I have purchased several costumes from Sk8, They are very well made and very afordable for the fabulous quality you get. My daughter won her division in the light blue costume with lace on front. It was beautiful! You can't go wrong with Sk8.

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