Flexible back
By Sandra_turnen
On 08/23/2005 01:51:08
I wish I had this backflex
re: Flexible back
By Georgia
On 08/26/2005 14:14:49

OMG how flexi is her back
i wish mine was like that !!!

love Georgie :D
re: Flexible back
By DancingBeaner
On 08/26/2005 14:24:06
I totally wish my back was that flexible! That would be so cool!
She must have worked hard to achieve that awesome flexibility! :)
re: Flexible back
By gorhythmic
On 08/26/2005 18:47:09
her feet are bugging me - the knees are facing forward but her feet are turned out - ouch not a good look...
re: Flexible back
By MizzPinkDancer
On 09/01/2005 09:35:53
Tha's awesome flexability!!! But [/hl][/b]DancingBeaner[/b][/hl], that might not have taken as much effort and work as you said, that could have come naturally, i mean like you never know. Most girls i know with that kind of flexability had 98% of it from birth...lol...so yeah
By hayleyiscirque
On 09/03/2005 00:50:44
this is a beautiful pik!
re: Flexible back
By birthdaycake
On 09/03/2005 01:26:30
i agree with gymlover on the fact that its easier to teach younger kids and all that, but i also think that some people are just born more flexible than others.
Comment to Flexible back
By zoekhulp
On 09/05/2005 06:16:03
do you have more photo's of her?
re: Flexible back
By bigwinner
On 09/06/2005 22:53:56
Im not that flexible but im gettin there!
Well...from what I know...
By Simona_A
On 09/15/2005 11:16:52
As an ex rhytmic gymnasts, from what I've heard and experienced on my own or little gumnasts trained, back flexibility is more 90% from the craedle and of course without practise, nobody knows you ever had it, not even yourself - only by doing some exercises.
The legs and the other lygaments or bones can get a lot of flexibility by practising!
We were selected by our trainer from all of the kids by our back mobility! Those who had a little bit were selected...
It's either you have it a little bit and practise for some more, either you don't have it natural, and practise hard to have it!
re: Flexible back
By DragonFly
On 09/17/2005 20:06:54
That's a really great photo such a flexible back!

And i think that flexibility is something your either born with or not (especially in the back) but it doesn't mean someone that wasn't born flexible can't become flexible, it's just a bit harder.

Back flexibility though, is something most people really need to work on as they get older, it gets lost really easily. If you went into a class of 5 year olds, if you asked them to lie on their stomachs, push themselves up with their legs still on the ground and then make them lean back and bend their knees and touch their head with their feet (sorry bad description i know but im sure you all get what i mean) then pretty much all of them would be able to do if, but by the time they are teenagers, how many could still do it? No where near as many

but yeah that girl is amazing!
re: Flexible back
By twirler4life
On 09/18/2005 19:54:39
Wow your really flexible!
re: Flexible back
By bigwinner
On 11/02/2005 17:11:53
Does anyone know her name?
By legsuplucy
On 11/27/2005 13:56:07
i want a back like this :D :D :)
but i canot :c :c :c
re: Flexible back
By firefall
On 01/18/2006 19:03:26
talk about being in your confort zone! i like this photo it shows hard work and focus.
re: Flexible back
By PaoLaBeaR
On 01/19/2006 16:16:30
WOW! her back is sooo flexible!! i want back flexibility like that! =(

i think that anyone can gain back flexibility if they try really hard but some people are just born with naturally more flexible backs... but if you try hard you can do anything! =)
re: Flexible back
By Dhanurasana
On 01/20/2006 10:52:34
this girl is awesome! she has such a flexible back and such a nice bodysuit!

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